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Lighted shimmers LED glider teaser reviews

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This is a nice toy for foreplay and for stimulating the girl or guy before sex. It is easy to use and easy to care for. It can be used for solo play or for couples play.

Overall, this vibe was a nice, easy to use unit. I really enjoyed the gemstone faceted appearance and the color was nice too. I would have liked to see more in the LED lighting but it still looked great in the dark. If you are concerned about prolonged use of vibrators and sensitive nerves in your clitoris, this would be a nice vibe for you.

Personally I did not enjoy this product at all. Not enough power nor is it waterproof. It would be more for a beginner because it is very small/ no girth as far as the bullet is concerned. There is no on/ off switch only a power dial. However it is easy to clean and hide. The Shimmer is quiet but gets hot with use. Comes in two jewel colors, Sapphire Pink and Amethyst Purple.

Give her a jewel that will light her up! This multi-faceted amethyst controller has an LED light in the bullet that glows a very bright blue when in use. The light shows up well on cam or home movie and adds a very sexy and hot look to your stimulation! Great product for those who like to cam or tease your partners! Show off the exhibitionist in you, light up the path to orgasm as only you and your Shimmer can.

California Exotics has created a novel new sex toy to light up your sex life -- literally -- but whether you love the Lighted shimmers LED glider teaser or not depends on your personal tastes. Some will find it cute while others will find it tacky and there's certainly better egg vibrators on the market if strength is a concern.

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