Little honey #9 - discreet vibrator by Shaki Toys - reviews

Little honey #9 Little honey #9

Discreet massager by Shaki Toys

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Little honey #9 reviews

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18 reviews

While this product would be good for a beginner, I would not recommend it to a novice or experienced user of vibrators. It is a poorly-executed toy that could have used a better seal and a more powerful motor.

For someone extremely sensitive, this would be a perfect starting vibrating dildo. For the less sensitive, it might make for a great anal dildo.

All in all this is a nice little addition to anyones toy collection, although if you are looking for something with a bit of power or more than the very basic functionalities, look elsewhere.

This was a freebie from Eden. I suspect that for those who prefer a softer vibe that this will be a delight. It would travel well in a makeup bag and would be great to take along to let off steam and the waterproof design and easy to use push button use would be very nice to have. It just simply didn't work for me.

The Little Honey is a good toy for the money. I am very happy with it and I think anyone who gives it a try will be happy as well. This is definitely one of those "have to try" toys.

This is a toy that you can carry with you. You can use it to heat up the forplay or just to relax and let off some steam. Either way it is a good place to start.

Great freebie, but I wouldn't spend cash on it. It broke on my second attempt at using it—an extreme disappointment!

I think this vibrator may be worth it for some users-- do you want something small that you can slip into your purse and don't mind the noise of a regular buzzy vibrator on its highest setting? What about the clicker; is it going to be an issue that it pauses in vibration when changing settings? And lastly, what are you using it for? Little Honey is good for external, gentle to moderate stimulation, but little else.

The Little Honey #9 is a sweet little honey of a clitoral stimulator. It's a workhorse type toy that will fit in your toy box easily and is great for a quick little session, or for traveling.

Overall, I found the Little Honey to be a fun little toy to use during foreplay. It is smooth and comfortable to use for nipple and anal stimulation. It's not too powerful; however, it is still an effective toy that can add to hours of fun in the bedroom.

This vibe is small, sweet and gets to the point. Small enough to take anywhere, just tuck it in your bag and go. It is a great size for beginners but nice enough for a more advanced user as well.

If you want something small to play with, this product is for you. Perfect for beginners and couples. It makes a good time even better.

I definitely love how this toy reminds me of a click-pen! It's definitely not the strongest vibrator, but it's very cute and I enjoy it. If you want something soft and sweet, get this. I gave it 4 out of 5 because the vibrations aren't strong enough for me, but I love the look and feel of it. I also love that it's waterproof and only takes one battery! Also, the low speed and high speed is a nice extra.

This is a wonderful toy if you're just starting out. It's small, compact, and waterproof, and it delivers nice, strong vibrations. If you're a more advanced toy user, however, I would skip this for something with a bit more variety.

Overall, I really like this vibe and I would definitely recommended this to beginners. Super cute, super soft, and the batteries are the easiest to find.

For the cheap price of the toy, I found it to be enjoyable. It gets the job done, and it is great for all types of play. The toy is discreet and powerful, and it can be stored almost anywhere safely. Since it is great for use in the shower and cannot be heard through the sound of running water, it is ideal for roommate living. I recommend this to beginners or to anyone who wants a toy that won't be recognized right off the bat as a sex toy. It will break easily if dropped, which is a big con.

WONDERFUL dual roll vibrator. I love using it to stimulate my lady areas, but I love it all over my body, especially on my feet.

I love this vibe because of how small it is and it is cute. It is not powerful at all and take a long time for me to get off when using it. This vibe is good for foreplay.

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