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My secret My secret

Traditional vibrator by Golden Triangle

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My secret reviews

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22 reviews

This is a great toy for a first time vibrator or the first time introducing it to your partner. This toy is sleek and feels great!

Long story short: Great for beginners, probably less impressive for experienced users. If you're looking to get your first vibrator though, this is an excellent choice.

This product, is a very discreet way to have fun in your bedroom and keep it well hidden. The Secret also comes with a pouch to keep it in when it is not in use. That is one of the best features, if only all toys came with pouches to hide them in.

Overall My Secret is a great little toy. If you're new to the toy world and want something small and not too powerful to keep tucked away, then My Secret is perfect for you. Easy to hide and quiet, My Secret can be taken on the go for use at work or in the car (not while driving please), just hold on tight if you're using lube or you may lose grip of this little buzzer !

The My Secret vibrator isn't the best of the best; it's actually far from it. It's perfect for someone who is unsure of what they want. This is a good starting point without spending an arm and a leg.

At 4.5 inches, I would only really recommend this as a clitoral stimulator if you're more advanced in toys. This toy was alright to me. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't amazing either. I liked that it was small and discreet. The vibrations it did have were pretty decent too. I really disliked that it only had one setting.

Curious about vibrators but want to stick with something basic as an intro? The perfect starter to any collection, this subtle yet worthwhile toy is an inexpensive and invigorating first that allows the user to explore their own preferences and desires. For the experienced user, it's a great staple to own when you need something familiar. This is the perfect starter for any solo session.

This toy is worth every penny. It's an affordable feminine vibrator that is perfect for beginners. It doesn't have an intimidating appearance that would turn off a beginner like myself, but it also has a sophisticated design that could intrigue more advanced vibrator users.

It's not a complete loss. It's cute & discreet, but if you're looking for something with a little zing to it. This product is probably not for you.

My Secret is perfect for the inexperienced and beginners (solo or duo)! This toy will not scare anyone off and is definitely not timid.

This is one of my absolute FAVORITE toys. It was my first vibrator and it's really come a long way. Definitely would recommend this to anyone just starting out or is a seasoned vet. Great for solo or couple play!

We would both recommended for first timers or girls who like to Explore them self and move there toys around.

The My Secret is a must have for all sex toy fans! She's small, and has a great vibration for the price. A great toy to carry around in you purse, and even comes with a little discreet case. Great as a warm up toy, but will also bring you to a climax on its own.

I enjoy using this toy for prepping for a more intense toy, for teasing my nipples, and for insertion while using a more powerful toy on my clit. The contours of it feel great inside, but it just wasn't enough buzz to bring me off. Basically, the only thing I liked about this product was its appearance. It is a cute little sucker, but not all that powerful or functional.

If you are new to using sex toys, or want to introduce you're partner to toy in a non-threatening way, this is a great product, but if you are looking for a product with strong vibrations this is not the product for you.

The price, ease of use and upkeep, as well as the power of this tiny vibrator make it a great addition to anyones love life.

My Secret is a sleek, simple, versatile toy that is easy to hide and easy to use. Whether the stimulation is vaginal, clitoral, nipple, or any other part of your body where you can think to buzz, this toy is eager to please.

This is great for massaging and I love to use it in my massage mitten. This was a good toy for me to start with. Now It is time to upgrade.

My Secret is perfect for first experiences with penetration, but its lone speed holds it back from achieving greatness as a small vibrator.

I love it... Lots of fun, for both partners. Cant wait to use it more. Easy to hide and its quiet!!!

...he wouldn't let me play for long before he took it from me and went again to my highly stimulated areas. It didn't take long before I was over the edge.

I was very curious about My Secret discreet massager..."Wow, it is so small. Can this really give me pleasure?" Oh, yes it can.

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