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Platinum edition personal pleasurizer reviews

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It's a decent choice for the price, as long as you have the anatomy that works for it. (Sounds like just about every rabbit, etc. ...I know...)

The Platinum Edition Personal Pleasurizer is full of functions, and pleasure! When I got bored of one function, I could enjoy another; not bad if you're looking for quantity.

This is a fabulous product that gives you an immediate response. It's very much worth the money spent. It will give you excellent, intense orgasms, again and again.

This is definitely worth it and you won't be sorry if you get it. It's a great buy for any dollar amount, but the price is an extra bonus. It will provide you with lots of playtime and amazing orgasms. The fact it's waterproof is amazing.

This is a great toy with a ton of different modes that will suit many varied body types. We found uses for it outside of simple G-spot play, and like this because of the "intimate nesting scoop," which is covered in soft, stimulating nubs. The major downfall is that TPR is not non-porous, however this can easily be worked around with the use of condoms.

Even though this toy collects tons of lint, it doesn't mean it's not worth it. All you have to do is clean before use as you should with any toy. It is loud and powerful so you may want to use this toy in private so no one hears the vibrations or your cries of lust, because you're sure going to fall in love with this oh so pleasing toy.

With 9 different settings, there is bound to be something for almost any woman. It's easy to use with a push button control, it's waterproof and flexible. The non-intimidating size makes it suitable for just about anyone.

This is a great toy for beginners. It has a nice small size, and a really interesting shape. It has 3 speed settings from weakest to strongest. The strong setting should be good for most people, even those who need very strong vibrations. The weak setting might be too much for people who don't like a lot of stimulation though.

I cannot wait to get to this again! I wish that the vibrations were felt more in the flexible part that is actually inserted into the vagina. I do, however, need clitoral stimulation anyway, so this just gives me the option of using only one hand with this toy, rather than using a typical vibrator and hand stimulation.

The cons aren't too bad. Any lint can easily be removed with usually water (sometimes soap is needed), and when the bottom part of the rubber piece becomes loose, it doesn't become loose to the point where it's sliding. It's just obvious that it's not as tight as it was originally but still works its magic! I'm pretty rough with it, and it has yet to die and let me down.

This toy is definitely worth the money. It did what it was suppose to do, and that was give me amazing orgasms! It was a very exciting toy, and I am so glad I purchased it!

For the overall price-point and style of this toy, it is completely worth it! It quickly became my go-to toy for solo sexy time. There are a couple of small downsides (single push button selection of vibration style), but these are greatly outweighed by the very nice benefits of a toy at this price point. So... Pleasurizer? Yes, please.

This toy is both exciting and amazing. This was my very first toy that uses g-spot and clitoral stimulation, and based off of all the reasons in my review, I would say it is definitely worth purchasing. The price is also unbeatable, because the toy is very well designed.

This toy is amazing because it is waterproof, but it most likely needs to be used with another toy to achieve climax. Is it worth the money? It might be if you have other toys or just want something to have a little fun with in the shower.

This vibrator is fairly strong, with the vibrations concentrated right below the delightfully nubby clitoral piece. Its very flexible neck won't allow you to get pressure on your g-spot easily, and you may find the clitoral piece too short to adequately hit your clit. If it fits your body, though, and you don't need much g-spot pressure, the 9 different patterns (including steady vibrations and pulses) are likely to please and tease you.

This toy is one of the best, low cost items I've ever purchased. You are sure to succeed with this one.

Overall, this is a fun toy, especially for someone new to or shy of toys, but I feel like it's not a rabbit replacement.

While I could do with more intense vibrations and a better way to control the settings, this remains a toy I will go back to time and time again to give myself a good orgasm or few. I love that this version of this toy has different patterns, while my last one was bullet-powered with straight vibrations from low to high; it gives me a less involved way of teasing myself and getting myself going.

This was fabulously worth it. It's small price tag allows you to buy more if you need one! The strong vibrations and textured clitoral stimulation was amazing. It hit the g-spot perfectly for me.

As a petite woman, it can be difficult to find vibrators that comfortably stimulate vaginal walls. I had no trouble with insertion and never needed lube (though that might be more me than the toy). I really loved this product for its ease-of-use and effectiveness.

This toy is well worth its price. I have yet to get off as hard (with a toy) as I have with this! This amazing little toy will be in my collection for years to come. If it breaks, well, it's not a pricey investment. I'm even considering getting one for my mom and sister-in-law. Yes, it is that amazing!

The personal pleasurizer is a strong, easy-to-use vibe that is great for beginners. It has fantastic clitoral stimulation and fun features. The only drawbacks are that it eats batteries, the g-spot piece doesn't do much, and that it seems to die easily for a lot of people.

When Love and Hate Collide.

If you are looking for a first time toy that is waterproof and pretty cheap, the Platinum edition personal pleasurizer could very well be your best bet. This is the perfect toy for those who don't need a lot of insertable length or powerful vibrations. Just don't expect this to stimulate anything but the clit. There might be a G-spot targeted shaft, but it really misses the mark. The clit ticklers are the best part about this toy. They can feel quite good on those sensitive days!

Overall, this toy was an excellent buy, well worth the money, and if it broke, I would actually buy the same toy again. Usually, I would just find a new toy to fill the gap and try something new, but I don't think this toy really needs to be improved any. This toy has been able to reliably get the job done, so if you're looking to have a new nice thing, pick up the Platinum Edition Personal Pleasurizer.

Overall an excellent toy for beginners or people who don’t like crazy toys. Good realistic size and easy to flip through vibration speeds.

This toy is perfect for beginners. Relatively quiet and waterproof means that you can take this almost anywhere. If you want heavy stimulation on the g-spot I would look elsewhere, but if you love the power on your clitoris and just a presence in you vagina, then this is perfect. I've had this toy for a year and I still love it, and for only $20 you just cannot regret it.

BUY BUY BUY! You will not be disappointed. As a beginner to G-Spot vibrators it was easy to use, and as a now advanced user of G-Spot vibrators it's vibrations still push me over the top.

Okay, so it's pretty bizarre looking, I'll give you that. But as it turns out, looks only go so far — it may look weird but it does the trick. It's a great toy for a beginner, given how flexible and comfortable it is to use. It does, however, take quite a bit of care.

I was pleasantly surprised by this vibrator after a series of disappointing products showing up in my mailbox. It's strong, it's got plenty of features and it's a great price. You're standards would have to be unreasonably high for this one to disappoint.

The personal pleasurizer was a toy that I wanted to love, but couldn't. The best features on the entire toy are the little fingers on the clitoral stimulator part and the wide variation of vibration patterns, but those alone weren't enough to save it in my eyes. From the extremely flimsy and almost unnoticeable G-spot stimulation on the shaft to the battery eating motor to the really loud clicky noise mine made when cycling through settings, I felt almost cheated for purchasing the toy.

This was a great toy i was so happy to get it. But slowly learned that it was not 100% waterproof. Ours died 5 days in using it in water. we ended up throwing it away.

The Pleasurizer, while it served a purpose, didn't last long. I would say that the price is low enough to throw caution to the wind if you're wanting to try out something a little different but not be disappointed to the point of tears if it doesn't satisfy your G-spot needs or last the expected year or two.

I was completely amazed with this toy. I've never used a toy with this shape, that was easy to thrust hard and wasn't uncomfortable. I love that is has the bottom part that stimulates your clit as you thrust. This toy is worth every penny - and it's cheap!

The Personal Edition Personal Pleasurizer is an amazing waterproof toy for G-spot and clitoral stimulation. It's easy to handle and allows the lucky recipient to chose from a variety of functions. It is definitely a must have in your toy collection.

Once you get past its bizarre looks, ignore its flopping, and resolve to only use a steady vibration this really isn't such a bad toy. It's wonderfully powerful, manages to stimulate the g-spot, and delight the clit. Overall, I really did enjoy it, but not the cleaning after I was finished.

All I can say is I was wowed by this product. I didn't expect to find a new favorite toy, but this one is it. I love the clitoral fingers that just rub so nicely. I haven't felt such strong orgasms since my previous toy broke; it is so nice to have a replacement.

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