Rocket & lubricant 4-way pleasure kit - pocket rocket by Doc Johnson - reviews

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Rocket & lubricant 4-way pleasure kit reviews

24 reviews
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24 reviews

I love how powerful this is, but hated how easy it was to turn off. It is incredibly frustrating to be *this* close and the end turn and the toy turns off....

I love my little toy, I take it everywhere I go. This has never let me down and I don't think it ever will. Give it a try and see how you like it.

I would recommend this product because the vibrator is amazing. Not only is it great for my wife, but I get enjoyment out of it too unlike traditional vibrators.

This toy is a little loud for my liking, but it definitely gets the job done. I now use it mostly for massage play, and if you are into tiny massagers, it is definitely worth a try. I have yet to try the lube, which is why I did not include it in this review.

This toy DOES have some glaring errors (pointy attachments and a battery case that makes turning the item on/off an adventure to see how far you can fling a battery). However, this toy is also VERY powerful and comes with some pretty nice lube. It's worth the 10 dollars.

Great if you like to get off fast, and you want some power. It is loud though, heard through the door and in the hallway. It does the job, though!

I would not recommend this item for beginners and those who live with family or a roommate. The vibrations are far too strong, travel up the arm, and make your hand go numb. The volume of sound it produces is quite loud and obnoxious. Therefore, I am highly disappointed in my first rocket, and hope to find a better one someday.

All in all, this is a great little toy for what it's priced at. The lubricant is a definite added bonus! The Rocket & Lubricant 4-Way Pleasure Kit is sure to tickle at least one of your fancies. I'd recommend this vibe to anyone.

Want a toy that you can use for awhile with one battery? Want a toy with high vibes and can be carried anywhere on the go? This is it. It's a good little worker with a lot of power. I wouldn't replace my best toys with it but it's definitely moving it's way up my list for such a little sucker. When I bought it, I didn't expect it to treat me so well for the price but as long as it keeps the vibes coming, I'll keep it close.

The rocket is worth buying. If you do not believe me, buy it and find out for yourself. There may be only one setting but it is a stong nice one.

This is a simple toy that comes with 4 attachments and Lubricant. It is easy to use and easy to clean. It has cute colors and is safe to use. I would recommend this toy to any beginner for sure or for someone who like basic toys. It is worth ten bucks and I think it will last awhile.

This item is more than worth it. I especially love packing it up for travel. It's tiny and can go anywhere. The toykind of looks like a mini flashlight, so I wouldn't be embarrassed putting it in my purse. Feels amazing when stimulating the clit and nipples.

It's a decent toy for beginners, but not really a toy that I would suggest for someone that is more adventurous. It is great for getting the job done quickly and easily.

This is a definite must-buy! It's powerful and small, which is everything I want in a clitoral stimulator. Be ready to be blown away by not just the power but also added features of the attachments and lubricant.

All in all this item is SOOOOOO worth it. It rocked and with the 4 different tips, it never gets old.

The Rocket & Lubricant 4-way Pleasure Kit is a great little toy to have for throwing in your bag when you want a sexy weekend away or even tossing in your handbag for some fun on the run. It's small and powerful and even though it may not have designer brand quality it doesn't have the price tag either.

If budget is at the forefront of your mind, this rocket can be worth your time. If you've got more than ten dollars on hand, though, you may want to look for a toy a bit quieter or more durable. The variety provided by the changeable tops is hampered by the lack of vibration levels, and the fun stops altogether if (like me) you get it too wet.

Overall this is an amazing kit and I love everything except the fact that it's so hard and annoying to open and close. If it wasn't for that reason I'd give it 5 out of 5 stars, but I'm giving it a 4. I love the color options, the attachments, the lube, and the packaging. It's strong and lots of fun! It's definitely worth the price! Get one for yourself and you won't be disappointed...unless you can't get the bottom of the toy shut all the way.

I've been looking for a good pocket rocket for some time, and I'm so glad I found this one, because even though it's really powerful and can sometimes over stimulate my clitoris, the price of this toy for all that it comes with is very fair and it definitely won't disappoint.

I like how I can take this vibrator anywhere. It is a bit noisy but, but that usually isn't a problem when you are all alone!

I really liked this product. It is a small but strong little bugger. It is pretty wonderful; it got me off pretty quickly a few times, which I wanted. If you are looking for something to use on the go, this is the perfect product.

I was far from disappointed with this Pleasure Kit. It offered the perfect time and chance to lock myself away for a couple of minutes, which as a Stay-At-Home-Mom is all I can get sometimes. The fact that it comes with lubricant is wonderful. You'll just need a battery and you're all set to go! The rocket's strength was impressive and much appreciated.

This Pocket Rocket is the best toy for getting off in record time. Even though some of the attachments can be scary, the great thing is you do not have to use them to have an amazing orgasm. It only has one speed, but that speed will make you blast off.

The Pleasure kit is actually a great toy. It only has one small flaw, but it is not that big of a problem. It is strong, fun, and gives a good variety of different feelings. It is definitely worth it!

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