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Superbe Superbe

Clitoral vibrator by Natural contours

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Superbe reviews

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12 reviews

Super be is an intimate massager that has a variation in speeds that can help you relax and enjoy yourself or your partner. Can be used solo or with someone. It is considered to be lemon yellow but I think it has a green tint to it. I love the color and the design and I think it works well for its' purpose.

Natural Contours states it's their mission to deliver ergonomically designed products to fit a woman's body. Their company is comprised of women designing products for women so I had high hopes for this product. However, it was a complete disappointment in every regard for me. It did not meet my expectations and did not satisfy me at all. I think it is best suited as a beginners first sex toy.

Hard plastics are never a bright idea for a clit stimulator in my opinion, but it is seemingly what the women behind Natural Contours thinks works! I called the sound output in another vibrator that of a “jet engine”, but I was wrong. This is the loudest toy in my collection; it even wins out over the Hitachi, which is a feat considering the size of this toy!

All in all I think the Superbe is a pretty sweet little product! Especially for those of you who need long periods of stimulation (without the arm cramping) in order to achieve an orgasm. It’s not only easy to use, care for and operate, but it’s also possibly one of the most comfortable and ergonomically designed vibes I’ve laid my hands on!

It was great for a while, not strong but worked well, then wore out in a year. Fits a woman amazingly, but good for all over the body.

It was a nice try but unfortunately this product doesn't produce those juicy, clitoral orgasms we love. Great shape, but too low on the vibes and noisy like riding in the back of a pick up truck. :(

The packaging is full of win, the design is full of win, the theory is full of win. But in practice, the Superbe is not so full of win. The vibrations feel strong to the fingers, but not where it counts, and on high it rattles like a plastic slimline that's been dropped one too many times.

It was great. It could have been better, but there are some that are worse. It gets the job done easily, and is the perfect size.

It's a great product, perhaps not as thrilling as some out there, but definitely great for a first time vibrator, or someone looking for something quiet and no-fuss.

The Superbe is indeed superb. It's elegant, effective, and economical. The vibrations aren't too strong even on high, which is good for me but might be bad for others.

This is a very user friendly vibrator as long as you remember that it is for clitoral stimulation alone. If you know you do not need penetration to climax and enjoy a more subtle vibrator, then I highly recommend it!

I would also use it with a partner during foreplay to add a little more spice in my life. Plus it's really freaking cute, so I might use it to add a nice mod look to my living room. Hey, you never know what someone will think is art!

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