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Clitoral vibrator by Natural contours

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Not So Superbe

The packaging is full of win, the design is full of win, the theory is full of win. But in practice, the Superbe is not so full of win. The vibrations feel strong to the fingers, but not where it counts, and on high it rattles like a plastic slimline that's been dropped one too many times.
Elegant looking, Comfortable to use
Loud, Itchy vibrations
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Natural Contours has made it their mission to create a personal massager that is ergonomically designed to fit the contours of a woman's body. Their goal is to offer you personal products that encompass quality, taste, and style. The Superbe almost meets all of their criteria.

The Superbe is best used for clitoral stimulation, but can also be used for pinpoint massages if you don't mind the noise. You could use it for shallow vaginal insertion, or for stimulating the nipples, or any other erogenous zone.

Material / Texture

Superbe is made of a hard plastic all the way around, making it free of phthalates and all that icky stuff you don't like. It's very hard and has no give to it whatsoever. Superbe is also very smooth, its matte finish providing just the slightest drag possible. It still rubs very easily across the skin without any added lubrication. It doesn't smell, it doesn't have a taste, and being so smooth it doesn't provide all sorts of extra stimulation.

Superbe looks more yellow in the pictures than it does in real life, but it's just a touch more lime green than the picture leads you to believe it is.

Design / Shape / Size

Superbe is shaped sort of like a curved wedge. Its shape makes it ideal for resting on the clitoris and vulva, or for holding during a massage. At only 6" long and just about 2 1/2" wide at the base where you rest the palm of your hand during use, a really large hand might feel as though it gets lost in the palmage, where a really small hand might have a hard time holding onto it. But I'm talking a really small hand. Mine measures just 6 1/2" from the heel to the top of my middle finger, and I find the design to be very comfortable to hold and manipulate.

Another nice thing about the design of the Superbe is that it doesn't scream 'sex toy', in like, any manner. This is one you can leave out and even let people play with and you can say that it's a back massager, because you can totally use it that way too. It will also travel fairly easily on its own, but I recommend a small satin pouch or something to protect the surface from scratches if it's going to be living in a purse or suitcase for any period of time.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Everything about the Superbe screamed 'awesome' to me, until I turned it on. There are 3 settings while it's on: low, medium, and high. The sliding control on the top is easy to use, although the way it moves is backwards, at least to me. It's in 'off' when moved to the far left. Move it one click to the right, and it's on its highest setting, which is loud and rattly. The vibrations do travel well throughout the whole toy on this setting, although if using it for naughty purposes, shut the door, get under your thickest blanket, and crank whatever background noise you prefer, cuz this sucker is loud. On medium, the next click to the right, the vibrations are almost as loud as they are on high, although this setting lacks the rattling plastic sound that the high setting does. The vibrations do travel well through the toy on this setting as well. Your last click to the right brings you to the lowest setting. By far the quietest, but still noisier than I was expecting based on other reviews. I'd still definitely keep the door shut and the blanket on, although you can turn down the background noise a little bit. On low, the vibrations can still be felt through the whole toy and feel much less 'itchy' than on the higher settings. The vibrations are of the higher pitched, whiney and buzzy variety, and do cause the itchy fingers that some absolutely despise. There also doesn't seem to be much of an intensity variation between the settings. Audibly there is, but otherwise, I can barely tell.

As far as being waterproof goes, there was nothing I could find anywhere that suggested that the Superbe could handle full submersion of any kind. The battery compartment does seem to have a fairly tight seal, but if submerged you're going to end up with water inside. I would call it splashproof at best, but still be really careful.
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

Because the battery compartment can let water in, and this isn't supposed to be inserted anywhere, you should use a damp soapy cloth to gently wipe away anything that you need to. You could also very easily use a spray cleaner if you're careful, or even wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol.

If you want the added glide of a lubricant, you can safely use anything water, silicone, or oil based. Since you can use oil based things, this means massage oils are also ok for massages with the Superbe.

You can store Superbe in its original packaging, by itself in a drawer, or in a toy pouch.


The packaging was very classy. A frosted plastic sleeve slides off to reveal the Superbe inside a navy blue box. When you remove the Superbe, you find a little pamphlet and a set of AA batteries. The pamphlet basically just thanks you for your purchase and tells you how to install the batteries and operate the toy. It has a very small section on cleaning, so small in fact, that I missed it until I was scouring the pamphlet for this review. It does say that it is not submersible in water, and that you should clean with a washcloth and mild soap.

The packaging is nice enough to give as a gift, and not too bulky to be able to act as toy storage.
    • Would make a nice gift


I was so excited to get this, it had been on my wish list forever and I finally convinced myself I had to own it, now. But it wasn't all that great for me. Yes the vibrations are strong enough to get me off, but every orgasm I've had with the Superbe left me feeling very underwhelmed. My back is too bony to comfortably have this used on me for massages, but works ok on the meaty areas of my shoulders. It's not the worst thing ever for partner sex, but the hard plastic can cause some pain after a while.

I can't get over how freaking loud it is, but that coupled with the vibrations being strong without being strong, taking away my own personal feelings, I give it 3 stars right now. Hopefully we'll be able to find a way to make this work better for us.
Follow-up commentary
I tried to use it a few more times and I still haven't found a way to make this work better for either one of us. It wasn't that bad for massaging my husband, but it's so freaking loud that neither of us ever wanted to use it, and therefore, it got stuck in the back of a drawer.

During a recent cleanout, I decided there was no good reason to hang on to it, but still being in perfect working order there was no good reason to throw it out. It sat around until I found the right friend to take it off my hands.
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