Trojan her pleasure vibrating touch - vibrator by Church and Dwight - reviews

Trojan her pleasure vibrating touch Trojan her pleasure vibrating touch

Finger massager by Church and Dwight

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Trojan her pleasure vibrating touch reviews

25 reviews
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25 reviews

Although this toy seemed like it was going to be an exciting experience as a beginner, it still fell extremely short of my expectations.

If you're looking for a finger vibe to use to help you out during intercourse I would highly recommend the Trojan Her Pleasure Vibrating Touch. However if you want a stand alone product for you're own little jaunt to O-Town I would pass on this little guy.

This is a great little clit vibrator for those who are just starting out. It is a non intimidating toy to start someone out with as it is not too big, strong or complicated. As for people who have other vibrators already, don't buy this as it will disappoint with how weak it is and its lack of settings to choose from.

Overall, I really like the Trojan Her Pleasure Vibrator. I think it is just the perfect size for its intended use, and the vibrating is too much, or too little. It is also easy to store, and take with you if you are traveling without using up too much room. Great little addition to your bedroom!

This item is worth the buy. I was very pleased with this finger vibe. Perfect foreplay use. You should Enjoy!

Trojan Her Pleasure Vibrating Touch would be a good toy for someone just starting to use toys. The more experienced used will no enjoy this. The vibrations are weak so if you're needing power, look elsewhere. It's small, discreet and easy to use. A good idea/concept but just not for me.

Great fun toy if this is what you're looking to buy. If it's just an idea you have, save for something better.

I would not recommend this product and will not be using it again myself. It's not very exciting, and it doesn't make me aroused.

A perfect introductory vibrator that is easy to find and not intimidating to use. Despite its lack of power and battery life/type, this toy provides couples/women a relatively inexpensive way to experiment with vibrators and have some fun doing it!

This is a really great product. It is discreet and small, yet it provides a powerful vibration that creates a lot of pleasure from such a small finger vibrator. I enjoy that it is battery operated, however it would be nice if the battery life lasted longer. I found this easy to use and a great tool for foreplay.

This is a simple toy to have around and very easy to keep private and hidden. It comes in a package with a bag and condom making it great for throwing into your purse. However it is not strong and takes way more effort than the lack of strong vibrations is worth. Don't go out of your way to add to your collection.

This item is worth the cost if you are a more conservative beginner. At $17.00, it is a bit pricey. However it is gentle, very discreet, and the instructions are very helpful for new users which can be very helpful even for us experienced solo gals. It does include a condom for those that have someone they want to share the experience with. Also this is great for travel, feelin' frisky..

The intensity of the vibrations is awesome. It is very easy to clean and maintain, and it is very discreet and travel friendly. It can be used anywhere and at any time. It is really worth the money. It's great for beginning or advanced users, and it works for solo or for couple's masturbation.

This is a neat little addition to a bachelorette basket or fun couple's basket and good just for on-the-go fun. This little toy is one that I like to keep in the car for those little drives in the woods where romance gets stirred and heat rises. While it will probably not get you off quickly, it's a great tease and starter for more exciting fun!

From couple play to solo folks just starting out in the world of sex toys, this is a product that is easy to find, use and store. If you're willing to deal with the batteries, you could have a nifty gadget that's easy to travel with and a lot of fun.

This is a great starter toy and is pretty quiet and discreet, compared to others. If you need heavy stimulation to get off, you should try something else; but, if you are in the mood to tease, it's a great idea.

This would make a nice little addition to any gift basket for couples. This is good for anyone who wants a little stimulation while masturbating or wants to add to their couple play with nice, light stimulation.

If you are the type to easily get aroused and fairly easy to climax, this is the product for you. Its simple yet effective. Easy to use and easy to clean. It's cheap too! Comes with a bullet type vibrator with a rubber silicone fingertip that's removable.

This was great for a spur of the moment purchase. Definitely a beginners toy, the vibration is very low, and it only has one speed. On it's own it would be difficult to get off using, but it's a great addition to foreplay. I could use this and not feel bad tossing it out when the battery life is up.

Overall, I would suggest that people who are non virgins or have already used toys stay away from the Trojan her pleasure vibrating touch. It's a waste of money. It needs more features and more power to be a reliable toy. It would be great with someone who is new to the toy world, but other than that, it's a waste.

Overall this is a great little tool for the working woman who need a Orgasm inbetween checking invoices and the 2:30 meeting or, the woman looking to turn up the heat in the bedroom. Dependable, durable & discreet, both sound and size wise. Pick one up & carry it with you because you never know when you'll feel like getting your freak on.

I HIGHLY recommend this product because the two parts make it versatile. It also gets the job done and creates great orgasms!

For the price, it's well worth trying. It gave my wife an orgasm that she had never experienced in her 28 years on this planet!

A must for beginners! It's gentle yet effective, pretty and discreet! It's perfect for guys and girls alike! (Especially lazy boys!)

The Trojan Her Pleasure Vibrating Touch Finger Massager is a decent fingertip vibrator with moderate vibrations. The batteries last 30 minutes and can be replaced. It comes with a Trojan Her Pleasure condom and a storage case. The removable bullet is rather quiet and can be used discreetly.

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