Wall bangers deluxe bird - rabbit vibrator by Pipedream - reviews

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Wall bangers deluxe bird reviews

29 reviews
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29 reviews

I would suggest this toy to someone who's looking for a fun suction base vibe. It's fun to ride, does the job, and is worth it for the price. It's not the most extravagant rabbit out there, but it's reliable and delivers.

I was really, really excited for this toy because it had all my favorite parts. I LOVE rabbits, and suction cup toys, and I thought this would be my new favorite. I was very disappointed when the material turned out to be so uncomfortable for me. I can't stand using hard toys. I need toys to mold with my body. I think for the price that the toy is worth a shot. Some people like harder toys.

All in all, for my first Jelly toy this one was a dud. I was greatly disappointed in it and will probably be avoiding jelly toys for a while.

Overall, I'd definitely say that I'm extremely happy with my purchase of the Wall Bangers Deluxe. I think that it's a great step for beginners that are looking to ease into penetration and dual stimulation. It is well worth the money that you'd be spending, despite the few flaws that it does have.

The WALL BANGERS DELUXE BIRD vibrator from PipeDream is a must have for any serious collection. Its ease of use and entire item stimulation add to the excitement of product. Although there are a few things I would change about it, they are far outweighed by the positive attributes that this vibrator has to offer. PipeDream did an excellent job with this one and I can't wait to purchase my next item from their collection.

This is a great vibrator for some fun in the tub! With the suction cup holding it in place to the wall, this toy can be ridden to pleasure over and over!

For size and power queens this toy is a good investment. It has a large and realistic feeling shaft and the clitoral vibe gives intense buzzy vibrations but there is only one setting and the vibrations do not carry to the shaft. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who needs something discreet. The suction cup base makes it very versatile and can be used in many ways. Although it says it's waterproof this can be easily compromised.

Deep penetration and strong vibration combine in one package that can be mounted to the wall or counter, allowing you to ride it to orgasmic joy. This is a powerful vibrator with great features, that will help you scratch your itch without cracking your wallet wide open.

This is far from disappointing. Since it's my first toy of this kind, I wasn't sure what to expect. It certainly exceeded my expectations!

The box it comes in isn't very discreet. Thank you, EF for packaging in the plain box. This is a great wallbanger.

This toy is definitely worth the purchase for beginners. I feel this is a great step to exploring your body, what these simple toys can expand for you, and much more. I think this toy is also a great purchase for experienced users who might want to start up with partner play, or a new toy for anal experiences and the like.

Overall, this toy is easy to use for beginners. I love the width of the toy and the easy cleanup. The vibrations are good, but I wish it had more than one vibration level. I will probably buy another one of these as a backup for when my current one quits working. For the price, you can't beat it!

The shaft of this vibe is perfect, but the suction cup and clitoral head are unbearable. A finicky vibration control drags it down even more. This suction-cup vibrator has been demoted to a sub-par, G-spot dildo in my book.

Overall, this vibrator has great vibrations and is firm which makes for easy insertion. I would recommend this to anyone. It's cute in my eyes, but it probably won't be if your parent's catch you with it.

The beak of this toy is a negative. This toy would be great with rabbit ears and some upgrades to the connections.

I love this toy. It is simple enough that it's easy to use, but with strong enough vibrations to really get the job done. The clitoral stimulator it perfectly placed, whether it looks like a koala, a beaver or a bird.

This is a great beginner item. You have to know how to make yourself climax before you can tell your partner. This is a simple toy that can help you on that path. It is priced very well, and is a good way to start.

I like the feel of this vibrator. I like the vibes more then the actual insertable portion but that is still fun too. I think for the price this is a great toy that has some possibilities. I would like a better on/off button the dial base. I think the waterproof feature makes this toy a winner in my book.

The suction cup and the waterproof capability of this toy give it lots of variety in usage! It provides clitoral and G-spot stimulation, so you get the best of both worlds for a great orgasm. It's the perfect size and perfect shape for all users and is a great toy to have in your collection as long as you don't mind the one vibration speed.

All and all this is a good toy for its buck, but it does have its faults. The way you have to turn the toy on and off sucks but the suction cup is amazing. Would I recommended this toy? Yes I would. I don't think it's bad. It's good for shower time or alone time. You can stick it to the floor, table, or a mirror (for those who like to watch themselves); it can be used just about anywhere.

Bottom Line, this little big fella is awesome. No doubt I would recommend it to someone who's lacking a little excitement. For the price...yeah it's great!

This toy is a perfect toy except for the horrid smell when it is first received. After a few washes the smell is gone and it is a great asset to my collection.

This toy left me wanting more, I am getting back in the shower! I don't think you will be sorry if you add this to your collection!

I personally love this toy. I've played with it a few times and quickly found out what worked best for me as far as use goes with this toy. The vibrations are strong, and I love the suction cup idea. It certainly makes for a little added fun...plus it's nice to not have to use your hand the whole time.

I really like the product because of the power of the vibration, the semi-discretion of the noise, the orgasms I get from it and the easy handling procedures. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a reliable rabbit.

Worth it! Cheap and satisfying. I cum every time, I love the flexibility, the length is simply amazing, and the girth is wide enough to fill me, but small enough to use anally.

I have never failed to orgasm with this toy. I think it's definitely worth it for anyone wanting to add a dual action vibe to their repertoire.

This is definitely one I would recommend for all to at least try.More than likely will not be the your number one but it's good for a ride once in awhile. Helps to take your mind off going down on your significant other if you do not enjoy that.

Well worth the small amount of cash out of pocket, strong vibe and easy to use with a little amount of time and patience. I definitely wasn't disappointed with this one!

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