Creative Conceptions Mystery sex heart - Adult game from Creative Conceptions

Mystery sex heart Adult game by Creative Conceptions
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  • Mystery sex heart - Adult game
  • Mystery sex heart - Adult game
  • Mystery sex heart - Adult game
  • Mystery sex heart - Adult game
This product has been discontinued
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Guaranteed to make your heart throb...

This toy is styled like a magic 8-ball, but instead of answering questions about your future, it gives you instructions to change things up in the bedroom. With over 20 different foreplay and sexual activities, the Mystery Sex Heart™ is sure to add some sizzle to your night. Simply grab your partner, shake the heart and shake things up in the bedroom tonight.

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    Customer comments

    • Darn! This is so cool! I wish it were still avail!
    • What a fun idea!
    • In cart!
    • Seemingly so simple but so much fun!!
    • Love it
    • want it!
    • This looks like loads of fun! much more attractive than regular play dice
    • Haha, nice! This looks fun!
      I love this! Ir lookS LIKE a magic eight ball!
    • anonymous
      Fun, cute, simple, & creative. It is is also waterproof for bath tub fun!
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    • anonymous
      Very cute packaging! What a fun bedside game....with 20 different activities you can't go wrong.
    • Derek
      A simple way to mix things up a bit. Good number of choices (as compared to the relative monotony of regular sex dice) lead to a variety of fun. The biggest downside to this is that you really have to work the thing to get different results; it has a tendency to come back at the same result.
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