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Mystery sex heart

Adult game by Creative Conceptions

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Listen to your heart

Get ready for a long, fun filled night when you are playing with this toy. Be sure to bring your imagination and favorite goodies. Relax, be creative and patient, and let the heart lead the way!
can lead to a fun night of exploration, reconnecting, and learning about your partner.
Could be more gender neutral
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I think most people remember playing with a Magic 8 ball as a child. This is based on the same concept. You shake the heart shaped ball that is filled with water and dice with instructions on it. Then, instead of asking about your can ask it what kind of sex to have. This is a fun, youthful way to add some spunk to your sex life.

The heart is hard red plastic and has a clear heart shaped window on the top. Through this window you can read your instructions. The dice inside are floating in blood red liquid that keeps them hidden except for the side that floats up to the top of the window. I think the heart is very well made. It comes in a box that would be easy to wrap up as a gift. I do wish the toy was more gender neutral, as it has woman on top and boobie sex.

The instructions are varied. They range from steamy, to cute and even down right funny. Booby sex always gave us a good laugh. There is kiss lips, french kiss, massage breast, lick nipples and strip tease that are excellent instructions to receive from the ball to make foreplay exciting and a little unexpected. There are other options that are purely sexual like give oral, rear entry and woman on top. I spent the first time we played with this hoping I would get those last. When I did get them, it was great to do what I was told and then roll again after teasing, playing and fucking without it necessarily ending in an orgasm for either of us on that roll. It did turn out to be fun and helped make an entire evening a sexual journey, instead of giving half an hour to a quickie.

I think this is a great inexpensive toy. Being the same design and premise of the 8 ball toys helped to turn a boring evening into a youthful and nostalgic night for us. Playing with this took the pressure off us to decide what to do, and inspired us to change up our usual sex routine. It got us talking more, laughing, and enjoying each others company not just enjoying ravaging each others bodies. It sparked conversations about what we had asked our 8 balls as kids, how life was then and now and of course helped us physically as well. We took the time to explore our bodies and to discuss what we really like and HOW we like it, which we had not done in a while. As with food, in time sexual appetites change, become more developed, and become more refined with time. This fun little toy lead us to discover that and how we have changed over the years.
This toy will suck for you if you are not in the mood for fun and are not imaginative. If you just shake it up, and give one lick to a nipple or simply mount up on your partner when it says woman on top and grind on your partner for a while and you both cum, you will miss out on the fun of the toy. Take your time, play with the situations, and remember this is for a long lasting, fun night, not just for having hard core sex. I appreciate that the commands are somewhat juvenile and not so explicit. It leaves something to the imagination and gives the players a chance to feel somewhat young again.

Have candy, fruit, etc with you when you play. Ask your partner what they would like the french kiss to taste like etc. Use a nipple balm or gel for lick nipples to add an extra tingle or use ice. Just explore and express what you like. For use toy, spank me, and tongue bath use it as a way to approach something new you have been wanting to try, or to recreate a special way of doing things that you really like. Role play can be an excellent move. My choice with it was to pretend to be my partner and to touch, kiss and stimulate him with my rendition of my favorite ways that he does it to me. It reinforced to him that he was pleasing me and was doing a damn good job at it too. I also found it really interesting that this lifeless chunk of plastic was in control, and guiding us with what to do next.
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  • Carrie Ann
    Great suggestions there!
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    Thanks! We really enjoy playing with this.
  • Naughty Student
    I don't think I would be able to keep a straight face while saying "Lets ask the sex heart what we should do next!" LOL

    Nice review
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    That was part of the fun of it. It was such 8th grade juvenile fun. We were laughing more than we had in a long time, and the anticipation for sex it slowly built up was amazing.
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    Oops hit enter too soon. There is nothing funnier than asking "oooo mystery sex heart, how should I fuck my wife?" and getting the reply "boobie sex". To this my husband told me "but it said I had to titty fuck you REAL hard" with the biggest grin ever.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Is this just one heart? The image shows 2 of them. How big is it?
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    It is just one heart. It is about the size of a regular magic 8 ball. I would say it is a little larger than my fist. It fits easily in 2 hands.
  • Valentinka
    Great review! I didn't have a magic 8 ball when I was a kid, so it's gonna be kind of totally new experience
  • girl next door
    Great info in the review! I definitely want this now. It kicks my 8-ball's butt!
  • MeliPixie
    Very nice

    My boyfriend and I are fairly silly, so this should be a lot of fun. How long would you say you dedicated the first time you used this? He and I are both fans of the "half-hour quickie," would you recommend this for a night before a day off work or would a quick session with this still be fun and useful? Thanks for a great review!
  • Eucaly
    Great review!
  • tami
    great review, thanks for all the extra tips and helpful hints
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