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Truth, dare or chocolate Adult game by Chocoholics divine desserts
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Grab your playmate and spin the bottle in the middle of the board; will you choose truth, dare, or chocolate? A game of playful questions, humorous dares, artistic chocolate painting, and the "ultimate dare" of your choosing, this is one board game that is anything but dull.

Depending on where the spinner lands, you'll choose a truth or dare card or a chocolate card. Selecting and performing a truth or a dare awards various points, and the first to 20 gets to present their game mate with the mandatory "ultimate dare" they've devised. Chocolate cards enlist the opposing player to inscribe a symbol in edible chocolate paint on a body part of their rival before licking it off again.

Fun and delicious, you're sure to learn some interesting facts about your fellow player, as well as what lengths they'll go to for a dare.

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    Water, White Sugar, Brown Sugar, Dutch Cocoa Powder, Whey Protein Concentrate, Non-Fat Milk, Natural Flavors
    1.5 oz
    The set includes:
    • 1 Set of Chocolate Cards
    • 1 Set of Truth or Dare Cards
    • 1 Set of Blank Ultimate Dare Cards
    • 4 Game Pieces
    • 2 1.5 oz Jars of Chocolate Body Paint
    • 2 Paintbrushes
    • Gameboard
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    • iwoveyou
      The chocolate part was fun but the truths and dares seemed a bit more for a party sceen. Truths like "How was your first time having sex. Include details" and dares like "Act like a monkey" or "strip to your underware and run to the steet and come back" disappointed a little bit since I know my partners first time, and we wanted to have a sensual private time.
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