Truth, dare or chocolate - love game by Chocoholics divine desserts - review by EdenBelle

Truth, dare or chocolate

Adult game by Chocoholics divine desserts

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Truth, dare or chocolate review

This game may be good for novices when it comes to sex, or for college kid,s but definitely not interesting to the adult who is sexually experienced.
Good sturdy box and visually appealing.
Glass jars.
Dark chocolate too thick.
Truth or dare cards are not sexually stimulating.
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I expected a lot when I ordered the Chocoholics Truth, Dare or Chocolate game|Adult games: Truth, dare or chocolate, but I was sadly disappointed. Not to knock this game down completely, let me begin with something positive. The packaging is clean cut, attractive and enticing. The box is sturdy and appealing without being too sexually 'in your face,' thereby making it an ideal present to give to friends and family in front of others without embarrassing the receiver.

The game board with attached spinner is easy to read and understand, and the truth or dare playing cards have perforated edges so that they can be easily separated. There is no specific place where the cards are to be stored in the box, which means that they fly all over the inside of the box once you are finished playing and the game is put away.

Upon removing the lid, I saw that one of the jars containing the chocolate frosting was broken and there was glass and chocolate frosting all over the inside of the box. There is a space cut out inside the box to hold these jars in place, but obviously it didn't do its job very well. I think it would have be better to use plastic jars or containers to avoid this problem. The chocolate frosting itself only comes in one flavor, namely dark chocolate, so if you only like milk chocolate, then the game is not for you.

Even with one broken jar, having to clean the cards and game board and the fact that I don't like dark chocolate much, it didn't stop me and my man from being eager to play the game. We spread some towels out on the couch, because we assumed we were going to get down and dirty! The game rules are a little confusing and printed on the bottom of the box, which means you can't use the box as a holder to keep the game board in place while you're playing for the first time.

Once we had figured out the rules, we began playing. First you have to write down an ulitmate dare, but since we are both pretty much into anything, we couldn't think of one, so we left those cards aside. When it came to painting the first tattoo, it turned out that the chocolate was too thick to paint with properly, so even an artist wouldn't been able to create the images one was supposed to be painting on their partners' body.

On the next turn it was a truth or dare card, and that's where any feelings of sexual arousal completely diminished. Questions like 'how many times have you played hooky from work' or 'what's the longest you have gone without a shower or bath and describe how you smelled' and the dares of 'speak your name while burping' or 'sing, 'i'm a little teapot' and include all the motions' are not sexually stimulating to say the least.

It reminded me of the games we used to play in college and that was only with samesex games|Love Games - Adult Board Games for Playful Couples whereby the guys would play their type of games and the girls would play theirs. Childish and boring is what comes to mind when I think of Truth, Dare or Chocolate, and that's very disappointing as I had expected hot, dirty stimulating foreplay with this game.
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  • Nashville
    Oh what a shame! They certainly need to be packaged better.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice review! Big smile
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