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For the adventurously sexy in all of us, there's Wheels of Desire. Grab a partner, or a group of sexually-open friends, and spin away! The kit comes with 8 complete games, turning spin-the-bottle into an XXX-rated affair. It even comes with a blank disc, so you can create your own adventure.


Customizable game option, variety of naughty games, 8 games in one.



Best use:

  • Purpose / Audience:

    An uber-dirty game for the naughtiest of players, this two-to-multi-player game is simple and incredibly fun. With 8 games in one, you choose your weapon!

    From a room full of friends with brews, to a romantic night in with your lover, to a swinger party, there's something here for everyone. The ultimate ice-breaker for the sexually open who like a little sneaky Pete to get the party goin'.

    The goal of the game is to get as wild as you dare -- even wilder than. The spinner determines how naughty you get.

  • Rules / Content:

    "Take turns spinning the wheel to find out who gets to have the most fun." With Wheels of Desire, everyone wins!

    A simple button gets the spinner going, and where it stops, nobody knows... but everyone wants to find out! The sexy kit includes 8 separate games. The spinner will land on one of about 10 options on each wheel, and whatever dirty deed the spinner chooses, you have to perform!

    The 8 games are, in no particular order:

    Jugs of Fun A game all about boobies! You'll want to have a couple extras on handy for this game too, including lotion, ice, and something sweet. The actions here include
    "Rub ice on my nipples"
    "Nibble around my nipples"
    "Lick something sweet off my boobs"
    "Gimme a hicky on my boobs"
    and many more dirty deeds, all involving the tits.

    On the other side of Jugs of Fun is Crazy Cunnilingus, a game all about going down on her. Make sure to have ice and a sex toy on hand for this one, you may need them! Actions here include
    "Use ice"
    "Stick tongue inside and rub clit"
    "Spit on it"
    "Lick my lips"
    "Use toy and lick at same time"
    And many more toe-curling ventures.

    A game called Romantic Gestures is one of the tamest games. Some of the options require you to take an entire day off to fulfill the wheel's request, and many of them are such that you'd need to plan an entire day in advance for them. For the lovebirds with a lot of time on their hands and a rusty imagination, there are actions such as
    "Sexy role playing"
    "Play hooky together"
    "Sunset picnic"
    "Slave for a day"
    and many more couples-acts to spice up the love life.

    The second side of the above game is "A Mild Game of Romance" which runs in line with its counterpart as far as its level of risque'. Options here include
    "Whisper dirty talk"
    "Nibble ears"
    "Lick nipples"
    and the kicker... "Mutual masturbation"
    Whoever lands on that last one wins the booby prize, so to speak.

    Next we've got the drinking game, To Drink or Not To Drink! A good way to get drunk with friends quickly and easily. For this game, it's good to have a mix of men and ladies, as some of the options involve one gender or the other. The spinner can land on any of the following, and you must do its bidding:
    "Last person to raise their hand drinks"
    "Person to your right drinks"
    "Pick someone to take a drink with"
    and "Girls drink"

    The flipside of that game features a game titled simply, Spin the Wheel, a modern, extra-dirty version of spin-the-bottle. It's a game for a couple, or a group of sexually open folks to play together. Each piece starts with the command 'Spin the wheel, whoever it points at...' and the options include such naughties as:
    "Dry hump for 30 seconds"
    "Take into closet for 3 minutes"
    "Give them a lab dance"
    "Lick whip cream off them"
    "Ask them a sexual question"

    The 2nd to last game I'll outline is The Wheel of Vibrations. You'll need at least one vibrator for this one! I recommend The Pocket Bullet by California Exotics for seriously powerful clitoral stimulation at a low price, and Classic Chic Vibe for water play. It's rated 4 vrooms and you can take it in to the shower! When you've got your vibes, get ready to...
    "Tickle my taint with a vibrator"
    "Stimulate my G-spot with a vibrator"
    "Titty bang me with a vibrator"
    "Tickle my ass with a vibe during oral"
    "Shower play with a waterproof vibrator"

    The final disc lets your create a completely Customizable Game all your own! You have 12 blank spaces in which to write anything your little heart desires! Then prep your button-pushing finger, the lube and some bondage kits, or whatever may be in your repertoire of sexual fantasy, and you're off!

    The game can go on eternally, until someone says 'uncle!' or until someone gets off. You make up the rules!

  • Design:

    This palm-sized device is a lightweight plastic circle that takes 2 AA batteries. A button on the edge of the wheel starts the spinner a-spinnin'. If you hold the button down, the spinner goes very fast, and makes a loud vibrating sound. Sounds like the party's getting started before the toys even come out!

    I love the double-sided discs, which make storage easy, and leave you with less playing pieces. All 4 discs fit easily on the wheel, creating a perfect, palm-sized game that can travel with you anywhere.

    The discs are a thin cardstock material, and appear quite flimsy. Over time, with many placements and removals from the tight pegs, they're likely to show wear. Not a problem, however. Treat them like a good, well-worn deck of cards. They'll still play just fine, and be even easier to handle after the kiss of time has brushed them.

    The incorporation of a blank disc for personalized gaming is ingenious. Many of us have unique fetishes and our own favorite way to play. This allows the gamer to customize their gaming experience. It's divine, really! Your imagination can run wild. The sky is the limit with Wheels of Desire.

    5 oz
    The set includes:
    • Spinning wheel including 8 games
  • Personal comments:

    Personally I'm now wishing I had more sexually-open friends, so I could give this mind-opening game a shot! My boyfriend and I took it on vacation with us, but ended up not playing. It takes an adventurous couple to get down to this game, and one open to the idea of 'anything goes.' Or at least, agreeable to anything the spinner may land on. It's no fun if someone backs out on their turn due to getting the wimpsies!

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