Little Genie Whoopee! - Adult game from Little Genie

Whoopee! Adult game by Little Genie
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If you like Yahtzee® you and your lover will love Whoopee!

This fun couple's game is performed in two parts, if you can make it that far! To start, take a scorecard and decide who rolls first. Then, you'll each get a turn rolling the five dice, trying to get as many matching dice as possible in three rolls. Get all five to match, and you've got a "Whoopee!" Whoever gets the most to match gets to pick an activity card from the corresponding pile. Once you've worked your way through the "Foreplay" section, try your skill at throwing the dice in specific combinations for the ultimate Whoopee!

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    • looks fun
    • could be fun!
    • Looks like fun!
    • Was hard at first but was fun in the end once you learned
    • could be fun
    • micouple2529
      we played the game once and found it confusing at best. We gave up on it after about 20 minutes and decided just to cuddle and see where that lead us.
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