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Adult game by Little Genie

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I like it a lot.

I found many different ways to play the game besides how it is meant to be played. I think that it is great for beginners and with some modifications it will be great for experienced gamers too.
Easy to play, fun to use in our own way.
Needs more cards.
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This game is worth the money. Unlike the other review, I did not find it to be a confusing game at all. It is Yahtzee for adults. The rules are simple: roll the dice and try to get more than the other person. The best part about the game is that even if you aren't the round winner; you still win!
It is a great game for those needing a bit of guidance before the fun begins.

So, as with the more famous kids' game; there is a top and a bottom part of the card. The only difference is that you play in order. So if you can picture the card, going from 1 to 6; this is how Whoopee is set up. The categories need to be played in order because of the fact that the cards have actions that escalate. (from hand work to the ultimate "whoopee" or sex.)

I really enjoyed the ideas they had on their cards. Some were ordinary, cutesy things like kiss on the cheek. Then they get more sensual, like rubbing from behind. I am not sure if the Whoopee part was just that creative and awesome - tuned into what couples are dying to do, or if it was just the long wait and extreme anticipation that made the sex SO great.

You definitely need to make sure you have ample time to play this game; it makes foreplay rather long. We found one very good thing: he cums before the sex starts - which as you know, means that the sex lasts longer.

This game is a very good starting game. If you aren't used to sex games, you can giggle your way through a card-guided foreplay.

I am giving it five stars because I feel that it is a GREAT addition to our toy chest and we can use it in so many creative ways.

These are some of those creative ways that you can play it: (just as an addition to the review for those in need of some less confusing ways to play - or those too impatient to play the full game)

~If you prefer to skip the dice part, like we did the second time, you can just grab cards and do the action on the card.

~The next variation we are going to try is working it into a truth or dare style game, without the truth part.

~You can also nix the score card and just play a roll the dice game; one roll and whatever you get the most of you grab that kind of card.

~Play any other game you want to pull cards (Rock, Paper, Scissors [lizard spock if it fits your personality], Tic Tac Toe, Thumb Wars.) Just pick your favorite game and winner draws a card.

~Play it as winner chooses, if they do the action or receive the action.

~Assign six things to the dice (I plan on using "Resist cumming for [roll a die for number of minutes]", "make them cum as quickly as possible", "add blindfold", "add handcuffs", "resist cumming before the other" [for this one you would need a toy that would stay put without hands on.] and finally "no difference")

~Roll dice before to make it a strip tease, where you loose an article of clothing when the other one rolls more of the symbol.

~Completely mix the cards up and let things happen as they will; maybe sex first, maybe not.

If some of the cards just aren't your style, you can always just go through and remove the cards that you don't feel comfortable with. Sometimes it is worth the try because they picked the best of the best.

Spice it up by making a few of your own cards if you want, or add in your favorite toys.

Hopefully this will help you out enjoying this game!
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