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Bridal pleasure set

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This is a lovely gift set for a new couple or bride-to-be. It seems to be created for 'new' lovers, but any couple, experienced or not, could use and love this set. The high-quality materials are surprisingly luxurious and worth the money.


Beautiful high quality set. Fantastic gift. Very romantic.


Pricey. Couples' vibrators tend to slide sideways.

Best use:

This is a beautiful wedding-themed gift set that consists of three items for play along with a "Lovers' Guide" booklet and a pouch and/or box for storage. This set is meant for couples to play together, tease, and heighten their pleasure. Couples can use any item by itself but the real experience comes in using all three. Start with the blindfold first, follow up by teasing with the Teaser Ring. Move on to the Noa vibrating against the woman's clitoris and inside her vagina, with the ultimate finale being the man inside the woman, both enjoying the vibration of the Noa during intercourse.

This is billed as a 'Bridal' set, but obviously any of these items could be used at any time. This would be a great gift for a special bride or couple.
  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit:

    The Bridal Pleasure Set is very well made with high-quality materials and attractively packaged for gift-giving or storage.

    The blindfold is soft glossy white leather on the front with a row of 15 shimmering river pearls across the front, which dips from the sides to the center (nose) area in a slight "v". The pearls (which Lelo claims are real) are attached in a novel fashion. Each one is encased in fine mesh, which is sewn into the leather. The inside is padded silk with white silk ties that are 27.5" long and 1.75" wide. When tied, this makes for a beautiful long trailing silk bow on the back of your lover's head. Yes, this is made from real leather and real silk, (not a silky synthetic fabric). There is a small Lelo tag where the left side of the leather joins the silk tie.

    The Teaser Ring is suede-backed smooth white leather. It is eighteen 9" tassels attached to a bendable ring that lets you wrap it around your finger to tease your lover with. It will fit any size finger but the very largest. When opened flat, the finger-band is approximately 3" across, but since the bendy metal is inside, you could wrap this around your finger and leave a gap if needed. The band is leather on the outside, and silk on the inside. There is one pearl on the band, attached in the same fashion as the blindfold pearls, along with the same small Lelo tag as the blindfold.

    The Noa is made of Phthalate-Free Silicone and ABS Plastic. The material feels very soft, smooth, and ridge-free. There is a gold band where the toy twists apart to reveal the socket for the charging plug. The thin part of the Noa fits nicely inside woman's vagina while the larger side rests against her clitoris. This should fit anyone.

    Silicone / Silk / Suede
    Material safety
    13 oz
  • Performance:

    We were extremely impressed by the quality of this entire set. The Blindfold and Teaser have a very nice leather smell and the fit, design, and detail of everything was exemplary. It's all incredibly beautiful in a way one doesn't typically see in standard sex toys.

    The blindfold with its silk ties feels very soft and luxurious. We didn't think the Teaser Ring would be too exciting until we started using it. One can softly drag the tassels against your partner's body, teasing all the way, or take it to the other extreme and use it like a little whip. It's not the type to leave marks but will provide a definite sting.

    The Noa feels very good to hold and works well even as just a vibrator. The Noa has a nice soft visible white light that blinks while charging or vibrating and remains on after being fully charged. It turns on by pressing an almost invisible "button" and then cycles through a set of 6 different vibrating speeds and patterns of moderate buzzy intensity. The NOA is turned off by holding the button down for a couple seconds. This toy, like many in this "couples" style, work better in theory than reality. The internal portion of the vibrator can and does slip to the side, and the clitoral portion often needs to be held in place, but this does work well as a toy for individual play as well.

    The Lovers Guide booklet is lovely line drawings of a man and woman engaged in three different positions of intercourse showing the Noa in use, highlighted by gold embossing. It's a pretty little pamphlet but hardly a "Lovers Guide," unless of course, the couple is brand-new to sex.

  • Care and Maintenance:

    The Noa is silicone, so only use water-based lubricants with this toy. Clean up with soap and water or a toy cleaner. Lelo states that Noa is waterproof, but it may be more like splash proof. Use care if submerging.

    The leather teaser should not get wet, but could be wiped down as needed, or cleaned with leather cleaner/saddle soap. Test first in an inconspicuous area to make sure the white color is not affected.

    The blindfold is silk, leather, and pearls. As such, it will need special care. Makeup will stain the silk, and would be hard to clean up. The silk could be hand-washed, but again, the leather shouldn't really get wet, so use care when playing with this blindfold.

    Store and or all of this in the box and/or pouch included with the set.

    Lelo offers a one year warranty, and a 'ten year guarantee' which allows Lelo owners to purchase a new toy for 50% off in the future. (Be sure to register your toy using the included authenticity card.)

  • Packaging:

    The set is nestled in a pearly white padded box with the word LELO embossed in gold lettering. The box is surrounded by a slide-off cardboard sleeve which is white, with tone-on-tone flowers, butterflies, and ribbons on the front, and "LELO" embossed in small gold letters. The back of the sleeve shows the items in the set. This part of the packaging could be discarded for gift-fiving.

    The lift-top box opens with a small white satin ribbon tab that lifts the magnetic lid. On top of everything is the Lovers Guide. Underneath the guide, the box is divided into two parts by a foam block that occupies the left side and has a cutout just the right size for the Lelo NOA. It is snugly surrounded and protected by the white foam padding. Underneath the foam is a cardboard space for the NOA USB charger. On the right is an open space for the white studded blindfold, the suede teaser ring, white satin storage pouch,

    And the LELO product registration card along with a few pages of instructions in 12 languages. All of these items are wrapped in thick high-quality white tissue paper and tied with a white satin ribbon. Overall, the packaging is lovely and of high quality. This is perfect for gift-giving (all you need is a bow) or storage.

  • Experience:

    We had a great time with this set. The quality was very, very impressive. (Yes, two very's there.)

    The blindfold fit nicely, though using silk ties around the head does require being a bit extra careful to not get hair tied into the knot. The silk also makes is a bit more difficult to get the bow really tight, but then again this set is about slow sensual love, and as such the ties are perfect.

    The Teaser ring was the biggest positive surprise. Used gently it was teasing and tempting. Used like a little whip it was extra useful.

    The Noa, while beautifully put together, does suffer from the same issue we've seen with other similar products. It tends to slide to one side during intercourse. While the top part remains mostly on the clitoral area, the internal part seems to want to slide to one side of the vagina / penis. This isn't a bad thing, but somehow doesn't seem ideal. Also, this type of toy works best when the man is pressed against the woman, like in a strict missionary position rather than say doggy style. Still the vibrations are moderately strong with interesting patterns and it does feel very nice.

  • Other
    Kit includes:
    Massager, Blindfold, Teaser ring, USB carging cord, User manual, Pouch
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
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