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Do not disturb kit

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This product was disappointing; the material wasn't what I expected, the quality was supremely sub-par and it was extremely poorly made. For, perhaps, the complete novice who's unsure they want to venture into restraints with their partner? Maybe. For a couple who wants a set of travel restraints that are discreet and pack small? Maybe. The rest of us? Skip it.


Unthreatening, good for beginners, inexpensive.


Poorly made, poorly made, poorly made.
  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit:

    I was intrigued when I saw this kit: silk cuffs? What's not to love? Well, unfortunately, they lied, and I don't like liars. This isn't silk. For the good of my friends here at EdenFantasys, I did a bit of experimentation. And, yes, it involved fire. Now, as some of you know, when silk burns, it burns quickly and then reduces to ash. Synthetic fabrics, like polyester, nylon, etc., burn and become tiny little balls (like burnt plastic). When I got this, I got some threads from a silk suit, and removed a few threads from these cuffs. Presto, flamo, my silk suit became ash, and my "silk" cuffs... Did not. Definitively not silk.

    But even before my flame test, it was abundantly obvious that this wasn't silk. The feel of the material, the look, even the sound it made when you rubbed it? It all screams polyester. Not really what I expected, when it was marketed as silk.

    The craftsmanship was also incredibly lackluster. On three of the four ties, I noticed that the stitching was unfinished, threads were hanging off the seams. On two of the cuffs, I saw that, on the loop, the fabric was totally unfinished and the fabric was sticking out (that's where I got my "sample" for my experiment).

    Craftsmanship and design gets a bit fat F from me.

    They are discreet, though; they can be balled up to about the size of a pair of socks, and you can't really tell what they are from a distance (even if you hold them up and investigate, they don't scream, "I'm a set of handcuffs!"

    1.9 oz
  • Performance:

    Unfortunately, these didn't perform well for me, either. Before I even used the restraints, I gave them a quick tug, and immediately one of the seams popped. The loops have a single seam holding them closed, and that pulled open to about the halfway mark--but it was still useable, as long as I was a bit gentle with it. As restraints, I found them a bit uncomfortable. When I pulled them tightly, they squeezed my wrists uncomfortably, but I had no such issues when they were used on my ankles. I must admit, though, that I was struggling against them, thus pulling them firmly; if you're just using them as an accessory, they shouldn't be extremely uncomfortable. However, the fact that they failed before I even used them really soured my experience.

    The seam that pulled out halfway, though, is still attached and going strong.

    This kit also comes with a Do Not Disturb doorhanger, with a guide to sizzle up your night. It includes suggestions like, "Send your lover a sexy email promising a special new fantasy tonight," or, "Experiment with different positions or locations. Invent fantasy dramas. Your basement becomes a dungeon, the backyard becomes a deserted island. Have your lover sip an "irresistible aphrodisiac potion." Use candles or incense to enhance the mood.

    They are, for the most part, a bit obvious, ("Place the four silk loop cuffs plainly visibly on the bed.") but would be good for people who are unused to using restraints or who are be nervous about their "first time."

  • Personal comments:

    I want to address the material, here. EdenFantasys lists this product as being made of silk; the Sportsheets packaging lists it as "silky." What is it actually made of? There's no way to know, honestly. My call is Polyester. "Synthetic Silk" is absolutely ambiguous; you can really label any material "synthetic silk" since there's no real standard. Just be advised: this isn't silk and nowhere on the packaging to they admit what it actually is.

  • Other
    Kit includes:
    4 Sexy Red Silk wrist and ankle ties, 10 Ways to Make the Night Sizzle guidebook and a "Do Not Disturb" sign
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