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Man Handles Position accessory by Man Handles
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Product summary and comments by ~LaUr3n~


The Man Handles can help you reach the bed or floor easier in certain positions where you would have to strain yourself to do so. You can reach the blocks instead of the floor or bed. Turned up, they can help provide leverage, too. They may not look impressive, but their simple design has many possibilities.

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Catalog ID: MH004011

UPC: 851361004011

  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material

    13 1/4"
    1.5 lb
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    Customer comments

    • Funny...
    • Not sure
    • No thanks.
    • Even after the review I still don't completely get it!
    • Rey
      confused about how they work?
    • not really understanding the purpose of these
    • Curious about how they would actually work...
    • What is it?
    • What?
    • Guess we'll have to see what the reviews say...
    more reviews (15)
    • I guess I can see how these would be useful, but they're not something my partner and I would ever use.
    • Thanks Kindred, I like the idea of elbow rests.
    • Whaaaat? Doesn't seem all that useful to me.
    • Hmm....
    • interesting
    • Not something we'd get much use out of I don't think but an interesting idea!
    • They sort of look like my yoga blocks!
    • I looked these up too.. It doesn't look like something we'd ever use. I can't wait to see some reviews on it though.
    • This looks so weird
    • They look hard
    • Interesting item.
    • Interesting for sure.
    • Thanks for the link Kindred and demystifying these a bit. :)
    • They act as hand grips or elbow rests. Here is the webpage: []
    • WTF are these?
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