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Take Hold of the Man Handles and Your Sex Position

The Man Handles can help you reach the bed or floor easier in certain positions where you would have to strain yourself to do so. You can reach the blocks instead of the floor or bed. Turned up, they can help provide leverage, too. They may not look impressive, but their simple design has many possibilities.
Light weight, sturdy, can help aid some positions, work with Liberator furniture.
Might make things harder for some people/positions, require balance/added strength, unimpressive.
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Man Handles are a simple item that can help relieve tension and hyper extension of the hands and wrists as they sink into soft mattresses, couches, or liberator furniture. Turning the Man Handles in various ways can make the product into stilts, securements, rests for the forearms, or ways to elevate the body for ease of many different sexual positions. The Man Handles can be used by anyone (up to 300 pounds), pretty much anywhere on beds or harder surfaces. The best part is they are easy to wipe down, and they are extremely discreet and easy to tuck away under a bed or in a closet. Take charge of sexual comfort and grab your Man Handles.
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Couples
    • Everyone
    • Solo
  • Where
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • Anywhere
    • Bedroom / on a bed

Design / Craftsmanship / Material

The Man Handles are rectangular in shape. The "top side" is slightly sloped and then has a groove for gripping at the end. The sides have an indent for an elbow in them and can be turned either way. The bottom is completely flat. They are about 13 3/4" long, plenty long for a lot of people's arms. The sides are 5" wide at the ends. The other end is 3 1/2" across. It dips in before this, which creates the "hand grip". The Man Handle is 5" tall when laid the way it is in the picture. The design is very versatile in that it can be turned any which way for more options for positioning. All of the sides have added texture for traction. One side has an imprinted R and the other has an L. There really isn't much right or wrong in the way you can use these, though.

The Man Handles are made of a very sturdy Styrofoam like material. It's much more dense and cannot be bent or broken off into smaller pieces. It does have flex, though. A finger can easily depress the material, especially on the sides. With a little more effort it can be depressed in the center. The material is a very dark charcoal color. It's not as heavy as it looks like it might be. The material is very light.
    • Discreet look/design
    • Firm
    • Multiple ways to use


Included with the Man Handles is the The Bliss and Tell Man Handles Body Book From A to Z. It contains 26 different positions and ways to use the Man Handles. It also contains ideas on how to use them with Liberator like furniture like the Wedge and Ramp.

A. Missionary Foreplay: Where one Man Handle is on top of the other.

B. Missionary: The partner on top puts their hands on top of MH while they are laying down long ways.

C. Missionary: Same as C but the blocks are perpendicular, not parallel like they are in B.

D. Missionary Standard Towers: Same position as B and C but the MH are standing tall to raise the body even more.

E. Missionary Wedge: Space the blocks just far enough apart to accommodate the bottom partner's tail bone. Place a pillow on top and use it to elevate the bottom persons hip area.

F. Missionary Over Shoulder Elbows: The on top partner has their elbows next to the bottom partner's head and rests their forearms on the MH that are laying flat.

G. Missionary Slope Back Forearms: Same position as F but the first 4 inches of the forearms are on the last 4 inches of the block.

H. Missionary Slope Block Single Forearms: The partners are lying on their sides and one uses one block to elevate themselves by placing it under their elbow.

I. Missionary Standard Forearms Kissing: The same as G except you use the non-sloped side.

J. Missionary Standard Single Forearm: Like H except you use the non-sloped side.

K. Missionary Double Block Sideways: Lay the blocks side by side and use them to elevate the ribcage on the side for scissoring.

L. Missionary Pillow Trick: The bottom partner uses a pillow to elevate their bum and the top partner uses the MH to grip onto on either side of their body for elevation.

M. Missionary Pillow Trick Bridge: Use the Wedge under the bottom partner's butt and then use the MH to elevate your upper body by holding onto them above the bottom person's head.

N. Missionary Pillow Trick: Like I, except the top partner goes up on their toes and the bottom elevates their butt with a pillow or wedge.

O. Missionary 5 Inch Stage Pillow Trick: Same as N, but using the Stage (by Liberator) instead.

P. Missionary 9 Inch stage towers: Same as O but the MH are standing tall to separate the bodies more.

Q. Rear Foreplay: The bottom is on their side with the Wing (Liberator) between their legs. One hand is on their hip while the other is on top of the two MH stacked.

R. Whirl to the Side Rockin' Slide: The bottom is on their side, the top is in a kneeling position and uses the MH standing straight up but with the rounded end on the ground so the top can rock back and forth.

S. Rear Entry Wedge: Same as E but with two pillows stacked on top.

T. Rear-entry Knees: Doggie style the top partner uses the MH on either side of their partner and holds the tops of the MH while they are standing tall.

U. Rear Entry Multiple Pillows: The bottom partner lies face down with three pillows underneath their torso. The top partner lays the MH down and props themselves up using them.

V. Rear Entry Multiple Pillow Perpendicular: Same as U but one side of the MH are placed on top of the pillows.

W. Rear-entry Rectangle, Pillow, Bolster: Put the MH into a rectangle and lay a pillow on top. One partner uses it to prop their ribs and lay behind their partner while spooning.

X. Cowgirl Center: The female is on top and stands the MH up tall and uses them to support her weigh while leaning back.

Y. Reverse Cowgirl: Same as X but facing the other way.

Z. Reverse Cowgirl Gallop: Same as Y but lay the MH down so you can lean over more.

Using this information couples can find endless ways to use the Man Handles to prop themselves or steady themselves in various ways to make positions easier or more fun.
    • Aids in positioning


The Man Handles come in a plain cardboard box. It's not discreet since it says sexual positioning for couple on the sides. The Man Handles are sealed in plastic bags, and there is the included pamphlet. On the outside of the plastic packaging is a sticker that has a few safety rules.

    • Minimal
    • Recyclable

Care and Maintenance

The Man Handles can be wiped down with a damp cloth. That's really all that needs to be done with them after use. Make sure you don't place them near heat.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store

Personal comments

Here is my subjective part of the review:

My first impressions were not good since the packaging looked cheap and so did the product. It was my partner's idea to accept this assignment, so I left it up to him for how he wanted to use them and when. The first time we used them he had already looked through the A-Z book and decided he wanted to use them with the Liberator Ramp we have. He said that when we use the Ramp he often finds that he doesn't have the proper places to put his hands for support. So we used the Man Handles that way first. Because our bed is small, there really wasn't enough room for the Ramp and the Man Handles. They kept slipping close to the edges. On the floor they worked really well. At one point he put them up by my waist and put his knees on them it gave him leverage to be able to pull me back into him and go wild and crazy that way. In the end we found them to be moderately helpful. The way they are designed is actually too short. If I place my elbow where it should go, my wrist bends to hold onto the end. It's even worse for my partner. But there are a few useful ways to use them. They work best for people who need extra leverage to help the reach the bed or floor during certain positions. Maybe they need to do this because their partner is large, the position makes it difficult, or the person has short arms or an injury. Whatever the reason, the Man Handles can aid in those situations, but they are not as useful as their pamphlet suggests. For many of the ideas, I'd just use pillows. I could take 'em or leave 'em, and that's why they are getting 3 stars. I feel most couples can find a use for them, but won't find that they totally replace what they are already using to aid in positioning.
Follow-up commentary
I think the Man Handles have a lot of potential; however, they need some tweaking. My partner and I have chosen to keep these, but don't use them very often.
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