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Product summary and comments by ToyTimeTim


My prostate won!
This as a prostate "massager" really did nothing for me. As a prostate "vibrator" it gets a thumbs up, powerful vibes and four settings to boot. It is comfortable for long term use and good for couple play or solo. Can you ask for more?... Well, a good base would help!

Best use:

Catalog ID: SE564603

UPC: 716770057822

  • Material / Texture

    Plastic / TPR
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
    ToyTimeTim's opinion
    This massager is made of TPR and plastic. The TPR outer skin is made like a sleeve, the base has a small (1/4") hole that opens inside to provide a cavity for the egg. The walls of this area are thin, this helps the vibes get were they are suppose to go. The cavity ends about 1" from the tip. The tip does not provide a lot of pressure; rather it tickles the prostate with the vibration. The finish is smooth and is only slightly tacky to touch.

    The plastic makes up the controller and the egg. The controller is glossy black with a small button located towards the point/cord end. The button on this is kind of stiff, not bad it just takes some firm pressure to make it click. It is really good if it happens to get in between you and yours. The cord is only 20" so really it could happen. The egg is 7/8" X 2". Since this is the first egg I have owned and can only say that it looks kind of cheap, not something you would use to rub a clit. The seam is sharp and some light sanding is my recommendation if you plan on taking it and using it by itself. I also feel that the edge will cut the TPR. Remember the thin walls?
  • Design / Shape / Size

    Insertable length:
    3 1/2"
    4 1/4"
    1 3/8"
    4.8 oz
    ToyTimeTim's opinion
    I think that this toy looks like a fist with the thumb up like it is hitching a ride; maybe a ride in your bum? It does not look like it would be comfortable, but the material is soft and not uncomfortable by any means.

    At 1 3/8" diameter it really feels more like 1" due to the soft material; even beginners might be able to make this work. The top stands at 4 1/4" and the base is 1/4". This makes 4” insertable. I had this in the first day for two hours and felt no discomfort at all.

    I feel the material could be a little firmer. For one it would make it easier to put in; the soft material kind of folds/stretches back on the egg. As long as you do some warm up and lube good it will slide right in, that's if you are doing it, the wife had no such luck. She could get it started but not all the way without some fumbling. I would like to see the cavity a bit more tightly on the egg; on the other hand the extra space lets the egg vibrate more freely. Second the base needs to be firmer; the base is a flared oval, 7/8" X 1 3/4", but not big enough given the soft material. It is bigger than the bulge, but I can fold it really easy. This area needs to be firmer or larger to really make it 99.99% safe, Plus it makes it really hard to take out when your bum does not want to let go. What was the Dr. thinking?

    To be honest, I was really exited to see a prostate massager that had different vibe settings, not many do. This one has four settings. The first is constant, next you get a pulse, third is a faster pulse, the last is steady for like five seconds then pulses four times then repeats. All good and strong, but are the same intensity.

    If you are worried about a luggage search, I would recommend you just pack it in your checked bags. Otherwise, this is small enough to put in a jacket pocket or purse for that matter. Just take the batteries out and put it in a sandwich bag with a zip type top.
  • Performance

    Control type:
    Control pack
    Powered By:
    ToyTimeTim's opinion
    The vibes on this toy may be too strong for some; they really pack a punch. I was pleasantly shocked when I turned the vibes on; they traveled all around the pelvic region not just the prostate. They are noisy; if secrecy is on the menu you will want to cover up with the blanket, close the door and maybe turn the radio on just in case. They do quiet down if you are sitting on it, but if say you are laying on your back the sound can be heard through the covers.

    The controller is comfortable to hold and the button to turn it on is within easy reach with a finger. It will get slippery with lube on your hands though. A wash rag at the bedside really helps. The cord for the egg is about 20" long. This is fine for solo use, but the wife would like it longer, so she did not have to reach to change the settings.
  • Care and Maintenance

    ToyTimeTim's opinion
    The TPR is porous, so a condom should be used if you are going to share or swap orifices. Really, why take a chance? The egg is not even water resistant, so a condom saves on clean time and you do not have to mess with taking the egg out.

    You can wash with mild soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner. Sorry, no boiling here. The material will probably melt; it is pretty thin. The egg and controller are NOT water resistant, so pull the egg out before washing. Do be careful when trying to take the egg out, I don't think the cord was designed for pulling. The egg can be ‘pushed’ out, but I just put in two fingers and slide it out. For the egg and controller, I recommend an anti-bacterial wipe or something similar. Even better is to put the controller in a clear bag (condom for the controller?), that way you will not get lube or other fluids on it.

    You can use any water or silicone based lube you have. I have used both with a condom and feel the silicone was the better, probably because I just love silicone lube; but really, the choice is yours. You can store in a bag or the package it comes in.
  • Packaging

    ToyTimeTim's opinion
    Dr. Joel and Cal. Exotics were kind enough to put his massager in a plastic clam shell style box with a cardboard insert. The packaging is easy to open and suitable for storage. No pictures of naked bodies just a blue sky with some clouds, the name of the product and an endorsement by Dr. Joel Kaplan. You can see the toy so it is not very discreet. On the back are the sales pitch type stuff like "Safe and pure", "Hygienically superior TPR", "i-4 levels of stimulation", some copyright info, and the like. It also states "Do not immerse in water".

    Inside you will find a small folded paper that shows how to put the batteries in your toy, on most of Cal. Exotics toys for that matter. The three AAA batteries (not included) go in like a TV remote, slide the cover back and place the batteries in. The negative (-) or flat side always goes on the spring.

    Also there are no instructions, but I think it will not be hard to figure out.
  • Personal comments

    ToyTimeTim's opinion
    A drop of lube in the cavity will make the egg easier to get out/in and do sand the seam. I used the wife's nail file and it only took 1 min. If you use a condom, this will not really be necessary, but lessens the chance of cutting the soft TPR. So, why not?

    It did work very good for prostate stimulation while getting oral and masturbation, really though it works better as a long term plug that vibrates.
  • Experience

    ToyTimeTim's opinion
    This makes two toys in a row with a questionable base. In my defense I did not have a 1:1 view on this one or that Dr. Joel would put a base this flimsy on a toy. Doctors eh? Really, I do not mind though, I have learned what to do just in case. If my reviews save someone that does not know better from a trip to the E.R., then my time is well spent.

    Sooo... Is the suspense killing you yet? Well, like I said, I had this in for two hours the first day. After some giggling from the wife and a good laugh on my part I wrapped a condom on it and in it went.

    Yes I tried to suck it in. I had the condom and cord so I felt confident that if it did I could retrieve it. The first hour was with out vibes. I did everything I could think of: Kegals, sitting, walking, jogging. I even put my Maven in the couch and went at it like a mad man. I also did the same with the vibes thinking that they may relax my bum thus making it easier to suck in, not that day. The next day I used it while the wife gave me some oral and during intercourse, I did every thing but push it in. Not once did it feel like it would go in. I guess you never really truly know till you try. Some bases work some do not. I kind of have to wonder though, if it gets softer with age that might change.

    In conclusion the Dr. Joel angled prostate massager is a good vibe for your prostate or as a plug. I figure that after two hours of various stimuli from it I probably will not get a hands free "O", but you never know now do you? For me, it will serve as a vibrating plug and I see lots of use in the future.

    Should you buy it? This is hard for me to recommend based on the base, so please make your decision based on your mileage. It works for me but some may not feel comfortable with a soft base. If you are not comfy you will not enjoy it. This reflects my over all rating of three stars, if the base was better then it would be five. For me it’s “One thumb up”
  • Other

    Multifunction / Multispeed / Pulsating / Vibrating
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