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Lux male stimulator LX-1

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8 reviews

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Classic prostate massager - Lux male stimulator LX-1 - view #1 Classic prostate massager - Lux male stimulator LX-1 - view #2 Classic prostate massager - Lux male stimulator LX-1 - view #3 Classic prostate massager - Lux male stimulator LX-1 - view #4 Classic prostate massager - Lux male stimulator LX-1 - view #5


Overall this a great toy. It would be even better if the silicone was a little more silky, but other than that they hit the nail on the head with this one. Nice packaging and a well designed toy make this a five star product.


Good design, attractive and informative packaging, no seams.


Silicone has a bit more friction than other silicone toys, & definitely more than plastic massagers.

Best use:

The LUX LX-1 is largely targeted to males, being that it is a prostate massager. While this is its primary use, this toy can also serve as a butt plug and probe. In both of these capacities, this toy also works well for females (albeit with no prostate stimulation, obviously). Being a prostate massager, this toy stimulates the prostate through motion created by contracting the pc muscles, often known as doing Kegels. This process can produce results, from a slight increase in stimulation from the anal area or other areas, to anal orgasms solely from stimulation of the prostate and anal area. The toy can be used on its own or combined with masturbation, oral, or intercourse.

Being made out of silicone, the toy can be heated up or cooled down for temperature play and, since the entire outside of the toy is covered in silicone, it's completely waterproof and non-porous as well, allowing it to be used pretty much anywhere. Its small size, discreet appearance, and lack of any metal make it a good choice for travel as well.
  • Material / Texture:

    The Lux LX-1 is made out of a combination of black silicone and ABS plastic. The silicone covers the entire toy and has no taste. It has a smell much like a new pair of sneakers does. It does not hold onto smells, but the new shoe smell has not gone away yet. The toy is very rigid due to the plastic internals.

    Silicone is a very safe material and is normally a great material choice for those wishing to share toys, as it can be sterilized by either boiling it in water or soaking it a bleach solution. The instructions for this toy mention not putting it in the microwave or dishwasher because it will damage the product and void the warranty. This is due to the interior being made out of ABS, which starts to deteriorate as it reaches water's boiling point. No mention is made of using bleach for sterilizing and so this should still be an option, but care should be taken not to accidentally boil the toy.

    The silicone has a fair amount of grip to it. This is just about this toy's only fault, because it causes the toy not to move as much as most other prostate massagers that are covered in plastic. Extra lubricant does help some with this, but it does not totally override this friction.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    The LUX LX-1 is modest in size. The first ripple is a fair amount smaller than the second, allowing for easier insertion and warmup to the larger second ripple. Beginners should expect some warmup before use with fingers or similar sized toys. If you look at the product pictures, you'll notice the perineum tab comes up fairly high and is just below the peak of the second ripple. At first glance this looks like a bad design, as the toy may not even want to stay in as a result. What actually ends up happening, though, is this forces the internal portion to push forward, providing a substantial amount of pressure on the prostate. This is not uncomfortable but is definitely very firm. The perineum tab and ring are both easy to grab and make insertion and removal very easy. One downside to the ring is it makes sitting rather uncomfortable.

    One item listed on the feature sheet is that the toy has a "virtually seamless finish". This is definitely a positive and is often a literal "pain" with some silicone toys. As you can see, the seam looks to have been reduced to being barely visible and definitely not felt even with a finger. This "seamless finish" applies even on the non-insertable portion of the toy, which is nice as some toys only do this on the internal part. The only raised sections on the outside portion are the product's name and some required symbols. This makes for a very minimalistic and discreet design.

    Insertable length:
    4 1/4"
    3 3/4"
    0.3 lb
  • Performance:

    There's not much bad to say about this toy. It's a very well designed and thought out toy. It does not move as much as some other prostate massagers like the Progasm, but it is still enjoyable as a prostate massager. It has a tendency to slip out when standing up, so it's best used in positions where the wearer is on the bottom.

    One way to remedy this is to actually put the toy in backwards, with the perineum tab pointing towards your lower back. The toy stays in much better this way and is still stimulating most of the anal area except for the prostate. Some prostate massagers like the Progasm actually have a second tab known as a "K-tab" which is designed to stimulate the tail bone area. With the LUX LX-1 facing backwards, it stimulates this same spot in much the same way as the Progasm. Put in backwards, this toy will work fairly well for females as well. Facing forward it may be a little long for females depending on individual anatomy.

    Special Features:
    • Boilable
    • Dishwasher safe
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Silicone is very easy to care for. Soap and water is all that is necessary for cleanup. A more thorough cleaning by sterilizing the toy with bleach should be possible, allowing the toy to be shared with another. Just be careful not to boil the toy, as only the exterior is silicone, not the internals. Silicone toys can react to other toys if touching, so it's best to store it separately. The included box is great for storage and makes a good home for this toy. Silicone toys should also not be used with silicone lubes, as this can cause degradation in the toy as well.

    Care and cleaning:
    Boilable / Dishwasher safe / Soap and water
  • Packaging:

    The LUX LX-1 comes in very classy packaging for its price range. It's not quite LELO level, but it definitely sits a few notches above other similarly priced toys. There's no lewd or pornographic imagery, and it's very tasteful. The styling seems reminiscent of the Wild West with cowboys and saloons. It has a very macho feel. While very good for storage, the packaging is not the most discreet especially on the bottom which basically spells out what is inside. The box comes wrapped in plastic and there is a seal letting you know the toy hasn't been tampered with, which is always nice. Inside you'll find both a feature sheet and user manual written in several different languages. The user manual has a good deal of instruction on how to use the toy, as well as precautions on what not to do. It's only 4 pages in length - (TOC,1,2,3,4) - but covers most of the basics regarding use. The fifth page covers the 1 year warranty, which is a welcome addition. The toy sits in a foam insert that fits the toy perfectly. Even though the toy fits firmly in the foam, it's easily removed by pulling up on the ring. When done, simply put the toy back in the foam insert. The packaging has magnets that help keep the box closed.

  • Personal comments:

    This toy's shape reminded me a lot of the Share or other double ended dildos. I decided to try sticking the ball end in for the heck of it, to see if had any similar uses. The ball inside was somewhat painful and the toy wasn't long enough to get much past my balls. Still, it's a nice design, and I will definitely be looking at reviews of the LX-2 version to see if I want to get that one as well.

    Below is a picture showing how this toy compares in size to several other prostate massagers and butt plugs.

  • Other
    Special features:
    • Waterproof
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