California Exotic Naughty Naomi love doll 3 passages - Female love doll from California Exotic

Naughty Naomi love doll 3 passages Female love doll by
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Naughty Naomi love doll 3 passages - Female love doll
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Product summary and comments by Pegaholics


If you are looking for a great gag gift or a cheap masturbation toy, this doll will likely work for you. But be warned, her vagina and anus are overly tight and scratchy. For me, the mouth opening ended up being the only real option. So, if you are looking for a long term substitute for a real sexual partner, you may want to look for a slightly more pricey doll with more options. But if you have a great imagination and just need a hole to shove into, then this doll may work for you.

Best use:

Catalog ID: SE192920

  • Material / Texture

    Pegaholics's opinion
    Naomi is made of PVC. As noted on this site, PVC "is light, water resistant, offers a long life cycle and does not require much maintenance. These excellent qualities make PVC one of the most commonly used plastics today. General properties include fast fusion and good property flow with high heat stability." The PVC material feels smooth up against the skin, but it does have some seams that can be a little bit scratchy if rubbed incorrectly. This unfortunately was the problem with her vagina and anus openings. Both were a little bit scratchy penetrating without a condom, but it was less noticeable while using a condom. I only noticed a faint smell when up close to the doll and it was actually rather pleasant. When fully inflated, Naomi is firm enough to lay on without worrying about popping her. And when fully lubed up, the inside of her mouth felt pretty good considering this doll is not one of the more pricey dolls available. While the real things would be far preferable, in a pinch, this doll will do the trick. The anus and vagina were a little too tight to fit my penis comfortably (even heavily lubed).
  • Shape / Design / Size / Fit

    Hair color:
    14.5 oz
    Pegaholics's opinion
    One of the worst parts about this doll is that her body, aside from her breasts, is rather unrealistic looking. It makes it hard to imagine you are really having sex with a real person when the legs and arms are so fake looking. She is only a little over 4 feet tall but should work for most sized users (though the package does not list a weight limit, I'd guess 200 pounds would be a good weight limit). Two of the nicest features of this doll is the picture used for the face is rather attractive and her breasts do appear more lifelike than the rest of her body. The nipples have a semi-realistic feel. The openings do not have a realistic appearance and the vagina and anus are rather tight when inserting my penis. The mouth was much easier to fit inside. I actually popped a condom trying to push my penis into her ass opening. So, if you are large in the penis department, this might be a little too tight for you. I ended up cumming in her mouth because the other openings were just a little too tight (and a little too scratchy to squeeze into). This doll is easy to inflate and deflate, so it won't be hard to hide and then get ready again for more use. And one other thing of note is that this doll is made with a darker skin tone (a dark brown color).
  • Care and Maintenance

    Pegaholics's opinion
    According to this site, "PVC toys should be cleaned with warm water and antibacterial soap. You may also use an absolutely universal solution - a sex toy cleaner." When deflated, it is easy to push a paper towel with a cleaning solution into her various holes to clean them out. You will likely want to use a condom to prevent bodily fluids from remaining inside the toy. If you use a condom, with a little maintenance, the worst that will happen is a little bit of stale lube will remain inside. And once deflated, the doll will not take up much space.
  • Packaging

    Pegaholics's opinion
    The packaging of this doll has an appealing picture of a black woman but has virtually no information on how to use the toy. And neither of her vaginal or anal openings were actually open when the toy arrived. I had to peel away some PVC material to get at them and was worried in doing so that I might pop her. So, it would be nice if more directions were included on how to prepare the doll if those holes are left sealed on purpose.
  • Personal comments

    Pegaholics's opinion
    While this toy had some issues (i.e. the need to open the two lower holes and the scratchy areas around the openings), her mouth did work well for a masturbation toy. Pushing her head up and down on my penis resulted in me quickly cumming and it felt rather good.
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    • PassionQT
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.8/10

      She doesn't need foreplay, she won't say no when you are horny or if you want to do kinky things with her, and she won't get upset when you toss her aside when you're finished. For some, Naughty Naomi may be the perfect exotic, darn-skinned beauty you've been looking for. For the price though, you get what you pay for. Only your imagination and cock size will limit you as to how much fulfillment she will deliver.

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