California Exotic Naughty Naomi love doll 3 passages - Female love doll from California Exotic

Naughty Naomi love doll 3 passages Female love doll by
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Naughty Naomi love doll 3 passages - Female love doll
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Product summary and comments by Pegaholics


If you are looking for a great gag gift or a cheap masturbation toy, this doll will likely work for you. But be warned, her vagina and anus are overly tight and scratchy. For me, the mouth opening ended up being the only real option. So, if you are looking for a long term substitute for a real sexual partner, you may want to look for a slightly more pricey doll with more options. But if you have a great imagination and just need a hole to shove into, then this doll may work for you.

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    14.5 oz
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    • PassionQT
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.8/10

      She doesn't need foreplay, she won't say no when you are horny or if you want to do kinky things with her, and she won't get upset when you toss her aside when you're finished. For some, Naughty Naomi may be the perfect exotic, darn-skinned beauty you've been looking for. For the price though, you get what you pay for. Only your imagination and cock size will limit you as to how much fulfillment she will deliver.

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