Naughty Naomi love doll 3 passages - female love doll by Cal Exotics - review by PassionQT

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Naughty Naomi Never Says No

She doesn't need foreplay, she won't say no when you are horny or if you want to do kinky things with her, and she won't get upset when you toss her aside when you're finished. For some, Naughty Naomi may be the perfect exotic, darn-skinned beauty you've been looking for. For the price though, you get what you pay for. Only your imagination and cock size will limit you as to how much fulfillment she will deliver.
Nice tits, real woman's image on head, 3 holes, inexpensive.
Probably won't last long, sharp edges, small orifices, no patch kit included.
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Naughty Naomi from CalExotics is ready and willing to be a love slave, girlfriend, pool floatation device, burglar deterrent, or bachelor party hostess. She's the type of adult novelty item that everyone jokes about but that no one wants to admit they have stashed in the back of the closet. If you have a love doll fetish or just want a good gag gift, you might appreciate this lifeless beauty. She's a "quickie" kind of gal, not one for extended lovemaking, unless you enjoy having your penis rubbed raw.

Naomi's entire 5-foot-tall petite, featherlight frame is made from thin density brown PVC that has been pieced together; therefore, there are visible seams, some of which are sharper than others depending on their location. Her somewhat naturally hanging C(?)-cup breasts are her best feature and the PVC in this location is thicker and shinier than the rest of her body. She even has perky pinch-worthy nipples, so have fun with those titties! Her hands are mitten-like and her feet are pointed, as if she's standing on tip-toe. Her face and hair, though not 3 dimensional, do belong to the lovely, caramel-skinned, "have-a-taste-of-my-brown-sugar" Naomi, as pictured on the packaging. Translated in to love doll form, her face is much lighter than the rest of her body.

There's no strong smell to her, just a faint vinyl one, nothing offensive though. You could always dress her up in some lingerie scented with your favorite female fragrance to mask the smell and make the experience as realistic as you can.

Inflation requires roughly 20-30 deep breaths in to the small air valve located in the central lower portion of her back. Be sure to close it as quickly as possible so that she doesn't lose too much air, but don't over-inflate her either or she might pop under your body weight. My partner and I both weigh about 155 lbs. and she withstood each of us wiggling around on top of her without popping. No doubt her sinking in to the mattress helped things out. To store, you can either deflate her or throw her in the closet, but you will have to fill her with a few fresh breaths to revive her in case she becomes a bit limp.

Naomi arrives with both her vaginal and anal cavities sealed. No, don't try using your penis to "pop her cherry" because removing the seal is going to require more dexterity that an anxious cock. I had to take a small screwdriver to pry open an edge just enough so that I could tear the rest away. Either way, be careful not to puncture the PVC. It was easier to do this after she was inflated, but you could do it before too.

There's a hole for each type of sex: oral, vaginal, and anal. Technically, you and a friend could have a kinky threesome if you really wanted to. The only problem is that her holes are tight and only about 4 inches deep. Larger girth penises with an estimated circumference of over 5 to 5.25 inches might possibly have an uncomfortable experience. Naomi is better suited for men with smaller and thinner endowments, not to mention fellas that don't plan on lasting very long. This isn't the type of toy you want to screw for a long period of time unless you don't mind friction burns from the edges of the holes. Both the mouth and the vagina have a pink interior, and the back door lives up to its "brown eye" moniker. In order to make things go a bit easier and with less friction, use plenty of either a silicone or water-based lubricant.

As far as cleaning, it's a breeze to wipe away if you blow on her. Cumming in her though requires a bit more effort such as inserting wet rag inside, twisting it, then wiping it dry with a dry towel. Unfortunately, you can't pull her holes inside out and I didn't see a patch in my kit in the event she springs a leak.
Well compared to the only other love doll we tried, the Finally Mylie, Naomi has her beat by roughly 1/4 star. She has a nicer rack and a much prettier face, which should make for a better visual experience, but my partner said the feeling of the holes was exactly the same, scratchy, and that unless he were a minute-man, there's no way he would ever be able to get any pleasure from any cheap inflatable PVC love doll.
Follow-up commentary
I'd be lying if I said Naomi and I had become best buds and lovers and that I never want to part with her. Some users might feel that way about her, I certainly never will. She's fun with she lasts, she'll do almost anything, and she's cheap enough to replace. After all, she's not a collectible doll, she's just a love doll with the sole purpose of getting someone off or giving them a laugh.
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    Thanks! Reviewing these dolls used to intimidate me, but I'm actually starting to get a kick out of doing them.
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