September 13, 2010

The Naked Reader Twitterotica Contest!

by Sexis Editors

Another week, another hot topic, another 140 characters of steamy micro-erotic excellence. Presenting our weekly winner, runner-up and the outstanding entries for last week’s topic: “Sweet spots, hot buttons and...oh, yeah, right THERE.”

This Week's Runner-Up

AvaDarke—Nibble a little lower dear, almost... I know you don’t believe it, but yes. The crook of my elbow... Again, please.

And the Winner Is…

NormandieHill—Oh baby hit it hardcore. make me beg for more. If you’re gonna tap that, pound it with a sledgehammer. make it last forever.

Enter the Naked Reader Twitterotica Contest!

Give us your best, most erotic, titillating tweet on our selected theme. Two winners will be chosen each week. Entries are judged by the SexIs editors and the editorial team at Cleis Press. The runner up receives an autographed book from Cleis Press. The first place winner will receive an autographed copy of a selected Cleis Press book and a $25 gift certificate from EdenFantasys. Entries are accepted until Thursday, 11:59 p.m. of each contest week.

Submit your entries to Twitter, using the hashtag #Twitterotica, or put them up on the wall of our Sexis Facebook page. Multiple submissions are allowed, but all entries must be 140 characters or less.

Up for consideration this week: The best sex advice I ever got, fortune cookie-style! “Confucius says...”

(Entries for “The Sweet Spot” have closed.)