The Surrender Set is everything your need for a hot night

Surrender set panties

Surrender set
This little outfit is the PERFECT addition to your sexy wardrobe. It's skimpy and sexy in all the right ways. The lace is soft and stretchy. I believe this product will really fit most people between 0-14. It can be worn all together or mixed and matched with other pieces you own. It's truly a versatile set!
— wrecklesswords
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    There's not much material here to review, but what there is of it is very soft lace. Sometimes lace can be rough or itchy, but this is soft and stretchy. The thong that comes in this is meant to be a one size fits most. I had to play around with it to get it to fit me correctly without looking awkward on me. I did a high waist in the back, low in front and since I have wide hips and a small waist, I pulled the sides up to create a somewhat curved "V" shape in the front. The thong honestly looks like a T-Shape and not a V-shape thong.

    The crotch part is unlined and was still a little thin for my person liking. It could be that I am a curvy girl, though.

    I believe with somewhat regular wear, the thong will wear down the fastest out of this set. The mask that comes in this is merely for looks and cannot be used as a blindfold as the wearer can easily see through the lace. Though, since this isn't worn in an area that friction happens much, I think it will last a long while.

    The included garter may not fit girls with very thin thighs. It fits my thighs pretty snugly and I needed to play with the fabric a little to get it to sit the right way. Movement did curl it a bit. This will probably lose elasticity with use.

    The neck and wrist cuffs are attached with a chain. This is the sexiest part of the entire set, in my opinion. They are already a little loose as they are not meant to be constricting. As long as the user is careful, I see these lasting quite a while. However, this material is by no means high quality and will eventually tear on the user.

    The set includes:
    • blindfold
    • collar with chain attached cuffs
    • panties
  • Performance:

    There's not much to say for performance of this skimpy lingerie set. It's meant mostly for looking to set the tone of the night. I think it to have met the expectations I had for it which was to fit and look super sexy. Since I have such large hip and a small waist, some lingerie items don't look good on me, but this is one that I believe will translate well on every body type.

  • Care and Maintenance:

    I would honestly stick to hand-washing these. Even in a lingerie bag on gentle might be too much for this.

    I store my small lingerie in one of those door-hanging shoe organizers. Makes life easier.

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    Open bust
    One size fits most
Manufacturer: Charm Wear
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  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit

    The set includes:
    • blindfold
    • collar with chain attached cuffs
    • panties
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