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F*** Me x-pastiespasties

F*** Me x-pasties
These sexy and fun pasties can be worn by either gender for a fun and edgy look. The easy to use, easy to apply adhesive-backed pasties are great for raves or in the bedroom. They're smooth, comfortable and waterproof for any occasion, and can fit a number of nipple sizes.
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These sexy and fun pasties can be worn by either gender for a fun and edgy look. The easy to use, easy to apply adhesive-backed pasties are great for raves or in the bedroom. They're smooth, comfortable and waterproof for any occasion, and can fit a number of nipple sizes.


Fits both large and small nipples
Easy to use
Stays in place


Not reusable
  • Material / Texture:

    The F*** Me Pasties by Charm Wear are made from polyester. This is a durable and smooth fabric that doesn't create unwanted discomfort during wear. The front is smooth and silky, while the back of the pasties that cover the nipples are soft and felt-like. Polyester has low absorbency, and while the pasties are thin, they are extremely durable while maintaining the perfect amount of flexibility to move with your body when applied.

    There aren't any unwanted scents to the material, but the adhesive does have a slight smell to it when the back is peeled away. It's not overpowering and cannot be detected unless it is placed directly under the nose. This particular scent will fade as the pasties are worn and should not bother those with sensitivities.

  • Shape / Design / Size / Fit:

    These particular pasties are shaped like a cross, or an x depending on how users would like to wear them over their nipples. They measure 3-1/4" long by 3-1/4" wide and should fit most nipple sizes as the felt area on the back measures 1-5/16" across. The pasties are designed to be bold, daring, and sexy, with the words "F**k Me" (uncensored) emblazoned on them. The look when the pasties are applied to the skin resembles that of latex or bondage tape, and the fit of the pasties are flush with the skin creating a seamless look about them.

    The pasties are comfortable when worn, and work underneath clothing just as comfortably. Beginners and advanced users alike will love these nipple pasties, as they can complete any look, even if that look is just a toy in hand with nothing else on.

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  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    The pasties adhere to the skin using a waterproof adhesive on the back of the fabric. This adhesive performed well during hours of wear and showed no signs of peeling or falling off even with vigorous activity. The pasties have a peel off backing that reveals this adhesive. Users will have to be careful when applying the pasties, as they can stick to themselves with the amount of flexibility of the fabric, and the strength of the adhesive. Once applied to the skin, the pasties serve the purpose of being sexy and practical.

    These pasties also hide the nipple and give it a flat look underneath clothing like other pasties. They're easy to use so that anyone can use them, and they're extremely comfortable when worn. The downside to the pasties is that they aren't reusable, and unless the user is extremely careful when peeling them off, they will more than likely adhere to themselves and become unable to separate. Another thing that can happen is the adhesive can wear out. If this happens, it may be possible to apply a different kind of skin-friendly adhesive, but it would probably be best to toss them.

    The pasties provide a lot of coverage and should fit a number of areola sizes. If the areola isn't covered, the pasties still serve as a sexy addition to any night of fun and amp up the mood when a partner sees the user wearing them.

  • Care and Maintenance:

    Wash your skin thoroughly before applying the pasties to the nipples. This ensures that there are no oils on the skin that will reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive. Apply one at a time and allow one of the pasties to sit on the skin for a few minutes to see if there are any allergic reactions. If an allergic reaction occurs, remove from the skin immediately and wash your skin thoroughly with soap and water. Discontinue use if you have any rash or reactions from the adhesive.

    When removing the pasties from the skin, you can do this as carefully as possible to save them for another use. Keeping the paper backing from the pasties, you can re-apply this to them to re-use the pasties again in the future. If not, simply discard them.

  • Packaging:

    The pasties were discreetly shipped in an unmarked, plain cardboard box with another order. The box did not list any of the contents and did not mention any adult items. The address the pasties ship from is discreet, and no one would be any the wiser unless they googled it out of curiosity. The only thing on the box were the addresses of the shipper and the receiver. The box was taped securely, and you couldn't see inside of it.

    Inside of the box, there were air pillows to keep the contents from bumping around during transit. Underneath the air pillows, you will find the pasties and a packing slip. This packing slip has information regarding returns and exchanges. It lists the number for questions or concerns regarding orders and mentions the amount of days you can do so.

    The pasties were sealed inside of a plastic wrapper with a sticker-like closure. There were not any instructions on how to use the pasties, but they are straightforward. All packaging can be recycled if you'd like. The packaging will not be re-used for storage in this instance. If gifting the pasties, a nice gift bag will suffice. Always let whomever you are gifting adult items to know that they are of an adult nature if the person is easily embarrassed.

  • Personal comments:

    I wish that these came with at least 2 pairs to a pack, as these can get mildly expensive after a while. I was surprised to find a third pastie inside of my pack when I opened them. However, it won't be of much use without being a pair. However, I'm sure there are other places you can also apply these for a surprise to your partner; such as on a butt cheek, or lower stomach when the clothes are pulled off. The message "F**k Me" can be delivered in any way you'd like!

  • Other
    One size fits most
    The set includes:
    • 2 pasties
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