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Product summary and comments by Isabel0329


The Sinner's Naughty Playtime Kit is a fun little kit that includes a feather tickler, pink rubber mini whip and eye mask. It would make a cute bridal shower gift or gag gift, but don't expect it to hold up. And the smell? Ugh, so strong.

Catalog ID: TO1481094

  • Properties

    Kit includes:
    Dual straps silky blindfolding,pink and black feathers, rubber whip
    Feather / Rubber / Satin
    Black / Pink
    7 oz
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    Customer comments

    • I think it would be a nice beginner kit for the most vanilla couple, but maybe it's just that I really like the colors.
    • I don't like it
    • I agree... Meh...
    • Interesting but the nose of the blindfold looks like it's not generous enough to sit without letting in light. I look forward to seeing the reviews on this toy set.
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