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Size Matters Book by Three Rivers Press
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A man's anatomy is a lot easier to understand than his mind, and knowing what's going on down there is just as important to a happy relationship as figuring out the deeper meaning of his every word. You can analyze your relationship with your girlfriend, but who can you turn to with more...sensitive questions? In Size Matters, Dr.Harry Fisch, an expert on the male reproductive system, and writer Kara Baskin team up to introduce you, metaphorically speaking, to the penis.

Creating up mysteries about male anatomy, orgasm, masturbation, STDs, testosterone, impotence, sexual response, and much more, Size Matters is the first women's user manual for male sexuality - a guidebook that will answer all your questions and lead you to a better sex life.

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    Harry Fisch, M.D. / Kara Baskin
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    Three Rivers Press
    Publication date:
    2008 year
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    20 1/4"

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    • sounds interesting
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    • Sounds like an interesting read. I'll check it out.
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