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Double strap harness - Slick jock - view #1 Double strap harness - Slick jock - view #2 Double strap harness - Slick jock - view #3


Sturdy, long-lasting, and extremely hot, the Slick Jock harness is a great double-strap harness, made to be worn with double-ended dildos. Even though it's made of rubber, it doesn't have a strong scent, and it isn't flimsy or soft—it's definitely firm, hard, and strong. In wear, the harness does tend to dig into the skin, but this is only for people who are thinner or who have protruding hip bones. The Slick Jock is a great harness, and will give (and receive) a ton of play.


Best with double-ended dildos, attractive design, doesn't smell bad, indestructible material.


Rubber digs into skin, hardware is uncomfortable on bonier bodies, not leather.

Best use:

Aslan Leather's Slick Jock Harness is made to be worn with a double-ended dildo, like the Feeldoe, Nexus, and Share dildos. It has a noninterchangeable o-ring that is very sturdy and keeps the dildo in place during wear, both inside of the wearer and inside of the o-ring. It's certainly a more intimidating harness, with its black rubber material and buckle design, so I recommend it to experienced harness wearers as well as those who enjoy double-ended dildos. If you don't like them, or have never used them, this isn't the best harness to buy. Non-double-ended dildos with testicles do not work too well with this harness. Regular dildos with bases that are not too thick are fine, though.

To adjust the harness, first put the double-ended dildo inside of yourself and hold it in. Bring the harness up around your hips (don't worry about the thigh straps for now) and adjust it to fit, bringing the dildo through the o-ring and adjusting again for a snug/comfortable fit. Make sure that the front piece is secure against your body, and bring the thigh straps up around your bottom. Adjust them to fit, making sure that they're comfortable and sturdy. Now, where the loops are for the thigh straps, string the extra hip strap material through the loops for a polished look.
  • Material:

    The harness is made of an extremely thick rubber (vegan, yes) that's very weighty. It's firm, hard, and makes this harness long lasting and indestructible. Because it's rubber, you can use this harness underwater, which I wholeheartedly recommend trying if you purchase it. When I opened the plastic baggie it came in, there was no offensive smell; upon putting my nose to the harness, I got a whiff of that petroleum, car tire smell. This means that the scent isn't detectable during penetrative sex, but it will be during oral sex to the person giving.

    Material safety
  • Design / Craftsmanship:

    The Slick Jock harness is a well-made, strong double-strap harness that has a noninterchangeable o-ring. It's made specifically for use with a double-ended dildo, as it fits more comfortable this way than with other harness-compatible dildos/prosthetics. It's very clean cut, simple, and has no extra adornments or attachments to it; it simply has its strap, its front-piece, and its o-ring.

    With rivets and rings to attach the straps, the front piece is rather lovely, but has an unoriginal design. There are plenty of other harnesses with this same design: the little rings attaching the straps, the placement of the o-ring, the shape. I will say, however, that the front piece is big enough that it should fit a wide variety of people, tall, short, small, large. The edges do, however, cut into the body in some painful ways.

    The entire harness is made of a thick rubber material that's bendable but sturdy. It's bendable enough to curve around the body, but isn't so bendable that it's flimsy during use. The straps are all closed by buckles, non-locking, which sometimes dig into the skin; they are also all cut into points. All of the straps are edged, which are supposed to help for comfort but really do nothing, as the places that do dig into the skin are not edged.

    Since the o-ring is not interchangeable, it cannot be fit with a wide variety of toys (though if it's tight enough to the body, it should keep smaller dildos in place). The o-ring measures 1 3/4", which is fairly large. The plus is that because the material is rubber, you could probably fit something a bit larger through it, with a bit of pushing and stretching.

  • Size / Fit:

    There are fifteen holes for adjustment on each hip strap, which range in size from about 24" inch hips to 42" hips. If this isn't within your size range, then you cannot get the harness; there is no extra material at the end of the straps to punch holes in (other than about an inch, but that's not even worth it). Each of the holes are placed 1/2" apart, allowing for a good amount of sizes.

    The thigh/butt straps have seven different holes, also place a half an inch apart. This allows for people with larger thighs and smaller hips to adjust it to fit them properly. The thigh straps attach to the hip strap in such a way that allows for the hip straps to be looped through if they're too long, which is great for smaller people - they will not have to worry about the straps flopping all over the place if they're too large.

    I fit my harness on the third holes for the hips and thigh straps comfortably, after all of the extra hassle of trying to get it on properly.

    Maximum hip size:
    Dildo holder diameter:
    1 3/4"
    1 lb
  • Performance:

    I had been afraid to wear this harness when I first received it because it seemed like it would dig into my skin in uncomfortable ways (and places). Well, I was right. It dug into me around my pubic area and at my hips where the hardware is. This is because my body is fairly bony, and after a few moments of using the harness, it really began to be painful. Because of this, I only recommend people with some "plush" to their body to buy this harness.

    Fitting the harness was a really aggravating process. I had wanted the o-ring to sit low, but when I adjusted the harness that way, all that it did was slip down. I decided to make it a higher fit. When I fit it higher, it continued to slip down, so I tightened it. That's when the buckles started digging into my skin and hurting me. When I attempted to loosen it, thinking that perhaps the hardware wouldn't cut into me like it was, the harness completely slipped off of me. I was fairly confused at why the harness would fit properly this way; aren't harnesses meant to pleasure the wearer too?

    All of these things lead me to one conclusion: harnesses with this sort of noninterchangeable o-ring are only made for double dildos, like the Feeldoe, Share, or Nexus. There is another harness on Edenfantasys of a similar design, and I feel the same way about that one. These aren't meant to be worn with dildos with bases or testicles; they fit best with double-ended dildos. With this design of dildo, the harness will sit closer to the wearer's body and bring the people having sex closer to each other.

    When it was time for me to take off the harness, I was again frustrated that I had to completely undo all of the work that I had done in making the harness fit me correctly. To take it off, make sure that you loosen the straps and let it slip down off of you; this will make it less of a struggle and allow you to relax after your time with it.

  • Care and Maintenance:

    This harness is very easy to take care of and clean since it is rubber, as opposed to leather materials which require a bit of extra care. You can wipe it down with a wet cloth, thoroughly drying afterward, or use soap and water, scrubbing gently. When storing the harness, make sure that it's out of direct sunlight and put somewhere that isn't too hot. You can keep it in the baggie it came in, or just hang it up in a closet.

  • Packaging:

    The Slick Jock comes in a plastic, resealable baggie (which is great - you can keep the bag for storage). There is a little tag that comes attached to the harness explaining cleaning methods for their leather products - as for their rubber or vinyl products, they simply say to follow the same directions, without the extra leather conditioner and cleaner advice.

  • Personal comments:

    The harness can also be used for keeping a dildo inside of the wearer (though there are better designs for that). You could, if you'd like, insert a dildo through the harness (inserting in the direction of the wearer) and penetrate them with it, allowing access to their ass or other parts. The harness will keep the dildo in when used this way.

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