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Product summary and comments by Sexy Alex


This spider gag in my opinion is totally worth it both because of its use and materials that it is made of.

Best use:

I would definitely say this metal ring gag is for advanced users. This ring gag, though gorgeous as it is, put on someone as you are beating them into a puddle of girl goo wrapped in rope and little x's all over them from your whip makes it hot. But, I would recommend that you install some padding on the ring for those who like to bite down while playing.

Catalog ID: PD363000

  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit

    Leather / Metal
    1 1/4"
    0.1 lb
    Sexy Alex's opinion
    The design of this toy is cute, sexy and hot. This product will last as long as your teeth will. It has leather straps that give a wrap length of 24" and the metal ring has a diameter of 1.5" and a circumference of 5". I do not suggest biting hard due as you may break teeth. Special features... leaves the mouth open so you can ether let out the drool or put your fingers/toys into the user's mouth.
  • Performance

    Sexy Alex's opinion
    It worked very well for me, the size was perfect. Yes the product fit my use very well, keeping my submissives mouth open just the way I like it. I actually did not find any other applications for this ring gag other than its intended purpose.
  • Other

    One size fits most
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
    1 1/4"
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    • Oh I like it.... :)
    • I want one.
    • when will this be available?
    • Sexy.
    • kinda interested
    • just went on the wishlist!!
    • Eek.
    • KnK
      Whoa! Never thought I'd see this on EF.
    • That's so cool! I love these things and I've always wanted one! I can't wait for this! :)
    • Eep!
    • ,,,,uh...sorry folks. I clicked on this one and thought I was at the dental supply catalog site. "Root Canal" anyone? I am positive dentists use this...
    • not unless you're in it 24/7. Like the toungh ring messes with the upper mouth behind the teeth, the one under the lip[ by the chin messes them up over time.
    • Looks a little wild, would that metal not be potentially dangerous against teeth?
    • Awesome I've heard of these but have never seem one. I have got to have it!!!
    • O, Don't think I've seen a spider gag on Eden before.
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