Phallix Stainless steel grooved love wand - Steel wand from Phallix

Stainless steel grooved love wand Steel wand by Phallix
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If you are a looking for a pleasure wand that will have both the looks and the effectiveness, than you will fall in love with the Stainless steel grooved love wand by Phallix for sure. This 7" long marvel of craftsmanship is made out of chrome alloy to give you firmness, pleasant sensations and hygienic safety. The bottom ball tip on the handle allows you to have a firm grip over the toy, while the three symmetrical grooves circling the phallic shaft provide even more stimulation.

Catalog ID: MG8-.75

  • Properties

    Safety features:
    Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
    Stainless steel
    2 1/2"
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    • Foxy Lady
      Foxy Lady
      This heavyweight arrived today and we couldn't wait to try it out. Initial inspection of the package: the pillow bag that it comes in is excellent quality and looks like it should last a long time without special care. I also noticed that it was really heavy, even without the toy inside. The toy itself, felt fantastic as I held it in my hands finally. You see, I've been wanting one of these for a long time. Finally at a great price I got my Christmas early! ~.^ Once we plaid around with some of the other toys, we got around to this one. The temperature felt much colder once it was being inserted but it was invigorating. I seem to be more sensitive inside to ridges, and apparently channels in much the same manor. These are a bit much for me while playing a little rougher near the entrance but once it's further in I don't notice it as much. After trying it with a condom (And it was still pretty loose) I didn't notice the ridges much at all. What you do notice if you move around much.. is just how heavy this little beasty really is. We plan to play with it again later or perhaps tomorrow but I expect this will be one of my favorites until I can get another smoother steel toy. It satisfied the following criteria for what I had thought it would provide the first time I laid eyes on these handsome/pretty steel pieces. Weight: This thing is very heavy.. and once you get used to it, it's still heavy feeling. Excellent! Temperature: Yes, it's cold and I love it. It also heats up to the inside temperature of your body and maintains it rather well! That is great too! Looks: I noticed a few 'not super smooth' patches on it, but I'm going to forgive the flaws, it is still a gorgeous piece of handiwork. A note on the channels. The edges are a touch sharp. (I don't mean cut you sharp, I just mean they aren't a really smooth transition.) I may try to find some rings to fit the channels and see how that works ;) For now, I'll suffice to get to know this toy better in the following weeks after it's arrival today. Would I recommend this toy? Not if your sensitive to ridges or channels. It does feel a tad rough to me when they are located in a certain area within but otherwise... yes! I would recommend it. Very worth the price for the quality and feel of this toy. I can't wait until there are more smoother shapely steel toys out there, I'll be snapping them up as I can! Rated a 4 because of the ridges and the sort of flattened flaw on the tip.. room for some improvement for my tastes but otherwise... a 5 all around. We had a Great time with this!
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