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Based on research and extensive interviews, Still Doing It explores the lives of daring, outspoken, and sensual women of an older generation who actively embrace new romantic relationships and sexual experiences. Here is a beacon for women of all ages-partnered, single, straight, gay, black, or white-who look forward to reinventing themselves, enjoying their bodies, and taking risks at all stages in life. As women continue to live longer, healthier lives, their appetite for sex is slow to fade. For the women profiled in this work, sex is not optional but an essential part of their wellbeing. Yet, in our culture, sex for older women is considered taboo. Our society prefers grandmothers in frumpy sweaters, knitting on the front porch, not buying sex toys or going on hot dates. But the boomers are the generation who demanded equal rights in their youth-will they not demand sexual freedom later in life?

Still Doing It: The Intimate Lives of Women Over Sixty is the first book to send out the battle cry, take on the myths and misconceptions, and provide women of all ages with the tools and the inspiration to demand nothing but the best for themselves, whatever the age. It lets everyone know that sex does not need to end when you hit sixty (or seventy . . . or ninety!). In fact, the good stuff is often just beginning.

Filled with great personal stories, advice from experts, eye-opening facts and statistics, Still Doing It will change the way we think about sensuality, intimacy, and identity.

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    Deirdre Fishel / Diana Holtzberg
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    2008 year
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