Earthly Body Suntouched candle - Candle from Earthly Body

Suntouched candle Candle by Earthly Body
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The Suntouched candle from Earthly body may seem like an ordinary candle at first glance, but due to its combination of ingredients it also doubles as a massage or moisturizing oil. A miniature spoon inside the tin can be used to scoop it out.

Aside from its delectably fragrant components such as coconut, avocado and apricot oils, this candle also contains anti-oxidant rich vitamin E and hemp seed oil which has a high concentration of essential fatty acids that moisturize and nourishes skin.

A cautionary disclaimer on the candle warns that it can get hot (duh,) and that just happens to be what some couples who are into S&M and domination games like about them.

So whether you plan on giving your lover a sensual massage or getting a little kinkier than that, you won't be thinking of candles as just nice-smelling dim lights anymore.

Catalog ID: HSC017

  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

    Vegetable-based wax
    vitamin e, hemp oil
    Creamy white
  • Taste / Aroma

  • Packaging

    0.5 lb
  • Other

    Burn time:
    60 hr
    Special Features:
    • All natural
    • Moisturizer
    • Scented
  • Reviews(4)

    • Dame Demi
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.5/10

      The Suntouched Candle is a great introduction to the world of hot-wax play, or as a heat-penetrating sensual massage product.

    • Heartthrob
      Advanced reviewer, rank 8.4/10

      All in all, this is a wonderful massage product. I've tried a great many massage oils and creams but this candle beats them all. I love the way a little goes a long way and the lasting time is superb. Plus, the velvety softness of this oil makes it hands down the very best you can buy.

    • vagabond
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.2/10

      This item is not really worth buying, however other candles of this same type might be better. I tried one at a passion party that did not create this awful sticky/oily feel afterward. Also, the nag champa smell, although nice, is so strong it hurts. Perhaps a different scent would make the difference.

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