Superdate: How to Be One, How to Get One – a how-to-flirt guide for women

Superdate: How to Be One, How to Get One Book by DK Publishing
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Make a date to remember with this fabulous how-to-flirt guide.

- The Basics: Stand, sit, walk, talk, and move like a winner.

- The Meeting: Find out if they like you from the flash of an eyebrow and a flick of their hair.

- The Chat-Up: Vital clues from the direction they look and lean, to how, when, and where they cross their legs.

- The Date: Hand-holding signals and devilishly clever tips to take you from dinner to bed and beyond.

Wicked, witty, and oh-so-revealing, this must-have makeover manual tells you exactly what to do in any dating situation. The quintessential speed-dating handbook, superdate teaches you how to spot, size up, and seduce in a second.

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    Tracey Cox
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    DK Publishing
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    2005 year
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    • tantric
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.2/10

      If you believe that dating is all based on calculated interactions, grab this book now! If you believe that it has a lot more variables than that (I do) you should still learn something and it couldn’t hurt anyone to better understand the fundamentals of body language, but don’t expect anything more. Will this book have mates flocking in your direction? Probably not, will it help boost your confidence? Definitely.

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