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Body Language and you, a tutorial.

If you believe that dating is all based on calculated interactions, grab this book now! If you believe that it has a lot more variables than that (I do) you should still learn something and it couldn’t hurt anyone to better understand the fundamentals of body language, but don’t expect anything more. Will this book have mates flocking in your direction? Probably not, will it help boost your confidence? Definitely.
Extremely easy to read and follow. Pictures clearly show what to do and what not to do.
Completely oversimplifies dating into a play of body language.
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This is my first time reviewing a book so it will be a little different than the usual toy review. As with all Eden assignments this one arrived in a very prompt manner. So lets go straight to it shall we.

“Superdate: how to be one, how to get one” by Tracey cox. That's the title, and as far as titles go, it sounds very promising. Well like most claims of this grandeur nature, I advise taking it with a grain of salt. No book can transform someone into a “Love God” or a “Sex Vixen”. Don’t get me wrong this book is not bad It uses a very scientific approach to attracting a mate, based on body language. In fact, if I could sum the whole book up in one sentence it would be: How to read and understand body language.

“Superdate” is broken down into an introduction and then five chapters. The book reads very easily as nearly every page contains pictures of couples together with instructions and tips on what they are doing right or wrong. These almost feel like excerpts from Cosmo (don’t lie fellas, you know you have picked up a Cosmo before, if nothing else to look at the hotties inside.) This is not the book you're going to pull up your reading chair and sit down by the fireplace with however. It is almost void of any traditional reading material such as paragraphs and flow, it is rather like constant sound bytes in print.

The first chapter is called, The Signals. This chapter focuses on body language basics, what you're sending out and how to read others. You will not find any advice on where, how, or when to meet others just what to do when/if you do. I admit Tracy works hard to keep this from reading to clinical, by throwing in “fun” facts and “did you knows”.

The second chapter, The Meeting. This chapter focuses in on what to do with yourself, and how to interpret others once you're in a situation of meeting them. This chapter also places emphasis on whom you should approach and whom you should steer clear of. No tips on conversation, just body language.

I have nothing against this approach, but in reality, you can read these signals and send the right ones back and come back empty handed. Even though it’s based on science, love and dating are almost certainly not, at least in my opinion and experience.

Chapter three, The Ice Breaker. Once more we look at body language (notice a theme starting to develop). This chapter takes on the stance that you have found someone to approach and are ready to engage in flirting. Lots of tips on posture, what to do with your hands, where to look, when to look, how to stand etc... I want to make it clear that I don’t find any of this information useless, but for many it’s automatic. The main dilemma for me is becoming over aware of body language, causing that to be such a focus that you forget to just be yourself. I like to think of the Freudian quote “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”,

The fourth Chapter, The Date. To give you the long and short of it BODY LANGUAGE. Once again many useful tips, and things to keep in mind while on a date. I, however, am the kind of person who lets things happen a little more naturally and less calculated. If you are into calculated and scientific dating you more than likely will absolutely love this book. Now for my biggest irritation of all. This book seems to assume everyone drinks alcohol. I don’t, and there are many others out there who also don’t. All the tips and tricks on what to do with your wine glass or beer bottle are absolutely useless to me, and believe me there are a lot. I drink water, and nothing else, no soda, no juice, just H2O. Try as might, I have yet to find a way to make my stainless steel KleanKanteen, that looks as though its been through hell and back, look sexy. In fact I may marry the first girl who thinks it is.

The fifth chapter, The couple. This was actually my favorite chapter of the entire book. This chapter provides some good insight on how to keep things running smoothly. No it won’t save a relationship, but it will give you some insight into the partner who can be passive aggressive or doesn't communicate well verbally. If the book is correct in stating that the body doesn't lie then I think this chapter would be good for all couples.
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    Thanks for the honest review. I was wary of such a grandiose claim, but it's good to know that there is useful information in this book.
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    Nice review! Big smile
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