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The Best of Best American Erotica 2008 Book by Touchstone
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This is definitely a collector’s item. The book has twenty-three exceptional, unique stories. Also included are interviews, author biographies, a list of all the contributors, journals and websites from 1993 to 2008, all culminating in a 347 page treasure.

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    Edited by Susie Bright
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    2008 year
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    • Sundae
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.9/10

      Susie Bright has chosen a brilliant selection of stories to add to this compilation, with scenarios and characters that are both touchingly real and unsettlingly surreal. The huge variety, coupled with the beautiful writing does make this an interesting read, but be warned that not all of the stories really lead to a sexual climax. Some are simply funny or interesting, rather than arousing, which may be a bit of a disappointment for those looking for 100% erotic writing.

    • Dangerous Lilly
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.3/10

      The book is awesome, but it's not going to appeal to everyone....then again, few books do. Enjoy it for what it is, don't expect it to be a steamy pile of hot sex but expect to have your boundaries pushed on what turns you on.

    • imp
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.1/10

      This book is one any avid book whore must own. Erotic literature is made to break taboos and this book covers every erotic aspect you can fathom and more. Susie Bright, a well known sexpert & erotica writer, brings you a collection of some of the best erotica stories from writers she has discovered over her 15 year span as editor for this wonderful yearly collection of erotic stories. An absolute pleasure to read.

    • Sera
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.3/10

      This is a great summer read, or just a book that you can pick up when you are in the need for a good story full of erotic play, as well as if you want to read that favorite story that you loved before. It's definitely worth the price, and is a great bargain. It's simply a compelling book, and you'll be excited about it. The stories are all different and various types, and every one has a special tone to it. You'll probably really enjoy this book.

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