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The Clitourist Book by Universe Publishing
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Written by Karen Salmansohn, The Clitourist is a lighthearted and informative book about female anatomy. The unique layout of the book features the text both in traditional page format as well as meshed into colorful, artsy illustrations by Trisha Krauss.

11 chapters cover everything from basic anatomy to tips on how to use it to your advantage. Even touching on issues such as the correct pronunciation of clitoris and why faking orgasms isn't a good idea, The Clitourist is both insightful and visually appealing.

Whether enjoyed in private, or used as a conversation-inducing coffee table volume, The Clitourist is a treat for both the mind and the eyes.

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  • About author

    Karen Salmansohn
  • Content / Style / Audience

    Universe Publishing
    Publication date:
    2002 year
  • Design

    Flexi Cover
    Number of Pages:
    7 1/2"
    5 1/2"

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  • Reviews(13)

    • SweetMerry
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.1/10

      The Clitourist is a beginner's guide to "one of the hottest spots on Earth." The artwork is fun and clever, and the writing supportive of positive body image, but there's nothing new here for an experienced lover of the clit.

    • KinkyPink
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.2/10

      I can't think of anyone who could genuinely benefit from this book. Women who are already familiar with their anatomy will learn nothing new; women who know little or nothing of the clitoris will gain little more than cutesy pet names for regions we should have been naming long ago; and there's no point in male readers even bothering, since they've probably already heard all the slang in the locker room already.

    • Kat Shanahan
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.1/10

      Give this book a pass, because you will learn nothing new. And you won't even be entertained. You may, however, feel the uncontrollable urge to throw this "book" across the room when (and if) you get to the end.

    • BlueEyedBitch
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5/10

      If you're looking for the hottest spot on Earth let me save you some time: El Azizia in Libya recorded a temperature of 136 degrees Fahrenheit (57.8 Celsius) on Sept. 13, 1922. If you're looking to learn more about the clit, a Google search would be sure to turn up more useful information than this book. Ask a friend, ask a relative, possibly even a stranger because any information that you will receive has to be better than the majority of what you will get out of this book.

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