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The Clitourist

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I can't think of anyone who could genuinely benefit from this book. Women who are already familiar with their anatomy will learn nothing new; women who know little or nothing of the clitoris will gain little more than cutesy pet names for regions we should have been naming long ago; and there's no point in male readers even bothering, since they've probably already heard all the slang in the locker room already.
Well, some of the illustrations were interesting...
The author's tone, although touted as "empowering", seriously needs work.
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I waited on pins and needles for this book to arrive. Finally, I thought, a book solely on the most amazing part of the female anatomy! I couldn't wait to see how the author addressed the myriad issues surrounding "clitoral awareness", and waited eagerly to see what the book would add to my own knowledge of the clitoris.

The answer to that can be summed up in one word: Nothing. Or, if you prefer: Zip. Zilch. Nada.

The Clitourist touts itself as "a witty, empowering guide to the hottest spot on earth -- and a woman's body." I take issue with this claim -- first of all, most of the "wit" in the book would, in my opinion, truly be appreciated only by a prepubescent male. Maybe I'm prude, who knows? But the use of slang terms like "bush", "beaver" and "fur burger" are, in my humble opinion, better suited to the boys' locker room than the pages of a supposedly "empowering" book like this one.

And speaking of empowering -- I'm sorry, but that's about as far from the mark as you can get with this book. This book is, as far as I can tell, supposedly marketed to a female audience -- yet some of the comparisons and descriptions used throughout the book make use of ridiculous female stereotypes. Consider, for example, the following:

"It's hard to describe the feeling of an orgasm. Though if you imagine fireworks shoe shopping, you wouldn't be too far off."

...Excuse me? Did she just compare an orgasm to shoe shopping?

The comparison was so laughable to me that I actually had to throw the book aside in disgust. And let us not get into my reaction upon reading the phrase "chia pet" as a descriptor of the vulva. I'm sorry, but in what way, exactly, is this book supposed to be empowering? Chia pet? I, for one, do not have a "chia pet" between my legs. I have a vulva, and I think that I, and all women, deserve better than the tripe contained within the covers of this book. Stop it with the baby names -- if you want to empower us, give us the real names, dammit.

In short, do yourself a favour -- if you need empowerment, seek it someplace other than The Clitourist|The Clitourist. If you know anything at all about your own bodies, girls, the only thing this book will do for you is give you some serious eye-rolling practice.
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  • Wow. Just, wow. I'm surprised you gave it two stars. This book really does do a good job of presenting itself as something more than that.
  • Dame Demi
    "Fur Burger"???
  • Epiphora

    I'm glad there is someone else in the world who is just disgusted as me by condescending pet names for vaginas, clits, and everything else. That shoe shopping bit offends me the most, though. Seriously, who thought that was a good association??
  • MaxD
    Sheesh. I've heard all of those acronyms when I was in high school.... This is supposed to be an empowerment book? Gimme a break!
  • Maria
    Bwahahaha, chia pet!

    That's absolutely horrendous. I can't believe it's being marketed as "empowering".
  • Cock Wrangler: Believe me, I was being generous. The only reason it got those two stars was that some of the illustrations were cute. The information contained in the book was utterly useless, though.
  • Mystery
    Oh, no! What if I don't like to shop for shoes?

    I've never owned a chia pet; do you have to water it?

    GRR-EAT Review!!!!
  • Nashville
    I've heard that this book is way too overdone. Sorry it was a bad experience.
  • Airen Wolf
    LOL LIke Dame Demi I twigged to "Fur Burger"...does it need ketchup? Is THAT the special sauce? Mystical Mayonnaise?
    I have never felt orgasmic while shoe shopping...just annoyed mostly.
    Sounds like a real good book *snort*.
    Ty for the review I'll waste my money else where!
  • Trashley
    Lol I wanna slap this bitch! (not you, le author)

    aye aye aye what a mess..
  • sweetiejo
    Thank you for the review, I'm glad to see the true side of this book. Thank you for the quotes in it also.
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