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The One-Hour Orgasm Book by St. Martin's Griffin
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  • The One-Hour Orgasm - Book
  • The One-Hour Orgasm - Book
  • The One-Hour Orgasm - Book
  • The One-Hour Orgasm - Book
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The One-Hour Orgasm is one of the best, most tasteful, explicit and effective sex education books ever published. It demonstrates, with pictures and words, how you can master the famous "Venus Butterfly" technique, immediately improve your intimate experiences, and enjoy ever-expanding levels of pleasure in your sex life. The book is filled with fresh, easy-to-learn new approaches and photos to aid the reader in learning sensual "safer sex" skills and what the authors trust you will find to be the most gratifying lovemaking techniques ever discovered.

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    Bob Schwartz Ph.D. / Leah Schwartz, Ph.D.
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    St. Martin's Griffin
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    2006 year
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    • I am kind of curious about this book. I'd like to read it
    • I don't think I need instruction...
    • Sounds good.
    • hmm... doesn't seem to be received very well
    • Not one of the best sexual instruction books that I've ever read. In fact, I found that the majority of this book is common knowledge. However, for those who are curious about maybe trying a slightly different technique, this is a worthwhile read. There are some exercises to do with a partner in this book, and specific sections for each partner. This can be critical in increasing communication within a relationship. If you're interested, it is worth purchasing, but it might not get a spot on the "good shelf."
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