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The Pleasure's All Mine Book by Carroll & Graff
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In this "no-holds-barred account" of Joan Kelly's "unlikely but determined pursuit of her ultimate fantasy" readers are offered a rare, intimate, and often amusing look into the world of a professional submissive, fraught with struggles to define identity, sexuality, and self-worth. When "sensitive pervert" Joan took a weekend job as a submissive in a private dungeon, she was elated, believing she had found the "perfect outlet" to do things she had only fantasized about. After several years and many failed attempts at finding a man who would dominate her in private without becoming annoying, Joan almost lost hope of satisfying her urges. Using her stage name and becoming one of the very few professional submissives working independently, Joan was being paid "to do only what she felt like" with men, but "managed to recover more of herself through the pains and pleasures of sex work" than she ever imagined. An engaging story, filled with "humorous, bizarre, frightening, and utterly entertaining events," seen through the "insightful eyes" of a writer with a wry and self-deprecating wit. Published in BUST magazine and a member of the Women at Work writers group, Joan Kelly's "Memoir of a Professional Submissive" follows a woman whose drive for self-acceptance and respect is matched only by her "sexual need for the services she provides."

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    Joan Kelly
    Carroll & Graff
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    2006 year
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