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Product summary and comments by I'll Miss You EF :(


I have been contemplating just taking the bullet out of this one, the clit bullet is the only reason I haven't tossed this rabbit into the reject box, along with the fact that it is super quiet. And only with a lot of work, I can get off with this little guy.

Best use:

The Unruly Rabbit is just that, Unruly and totally not worth it. It has an incredibly powerful clit bullet and is adorable to look at. Other than that it belongs in the bottom of the toy drawer; or better yet, not in your toy drawer at all. Even though this rabbit vibrator is super quiet {unable to be heard through a door}, it is an overheating plastic mess.

Catalog ID: H25112PU

  • Material / Texture

    I'll Miss You EF :('s opinion
    This is a half plastic, half mystery material rabbit vibrator. Despite searching three websites and all over the box, I was unable to find out what type of material the shaft is made out off. All I know is that it is odor free, smooth, matte and flexible. The control portion of the vibrator is hard plastic, the battery cover is way too flimsy to be waterproof. The ridges that are on the vibrator do not provide extra stimulation and can be enjoyed by either beginners or advanced users alike.
  • Design / Shape / Size

    8 1/2"
    Insertable length:
    4 1/4"
    4 1/2"
    1 1/2"
    Clitoral attachment shape:
    9 oz
    I'll Miss You EF :('s opinion
    This vibrator has a ribbed shaft, the ribs aren't stimulating, and I find they only add to the visual appeal of the toy. There is a nice bulleted rabbit attachment, with inch long ears.

    The clit bullet is 3 inches long
    the circumference of the bullet is 3 1/2 inches
    the shaft is 8 1/2 inches long - only 6 inches insertable
    the circumference of the shaft is 4 1/2 inches

    This toy is too long for my anatomy and I can't fully enjoy the clit bullet with the shaft comfortably inside of me.

    It is a really pretty purple and is really soft. The design would be better if the insertable shaft was shorter.

    This toy is whisper quiet and easily hidden. It would be perfect for travel.
  • Functions / Performance / Controls

    Escalating / Pulsating / Vibrating
    Special Features:
    • Kinky
    • Multifunction
    • Multispeed
    Powered By:
    I'll Miss You EF :('s opinion
    This toy is a non-waterproof rabbit style vibrator.
    The controls work by pressing the power button {top button} once to turn it on and once to turn it off.
    Start by pressing the 7F button to change the function and the 3S button to change the speed.

    Functions: This vibrator is a 7 Function 3 Speed vibrator, that means that it has Seven functions and three speeds for each function.

    Function 1 :
    light clitoral vibrations
    Speed one - slight vibrations
    Speed two - slightly stronger vibrations
    Speed three - slightly stronger still vibrations

    Function 2:
    Strong steady clit only vibrations
    Speed one: Stronger than S3 from F1
    Speed two: Even Stronger steady vibrations
    Speed three: Still stronger steady vibrations

    Function 3:
    Pulsing Clit Vibrations
    Speed one: Strong Pulsing
    Speed two: Stronger steady pulsing vibrations
    Speed three: Still stronger steady vibrations

    Function 4:
    I refer to this one as the "jingle bell" vibration. - Still only clit
    it buzzes dot dot dah.
    Speed one: Strong
    Speed two: Stronger
    Speed three: Strongest

    Function 5:
    Like an engine revving up.
    Speed one: Strong
    Speed two: Stronger
    Speed three: Strongest
    *I couldn't get the shaft vibrations to work on this function, but my boyfriend smacked the vibrator with his hand and it made the shaft slightly vibrate, I couldn't make it do that.

    Function 6:
    Popping Shaft Vibrations - Clit Vibrations from the first functions

    *This one scared the crap out of me when I first turned it on, it is very loud and startled me*
    Speed one: Strong
    Speed two: Stronger
    Speed three: Strongest
    *this gets louder with the popping sound as you click the 3S button, it is totally quiet inside of you*

    Function 7:
    Swirling Shaft - Clit vibrations from first function
    Speed one: Strong
    Speed two: Stronger
    Speed three: Strongest
    *It stopped swirling around when I inserted it inside of me*

    The clit bullet is the only useful part of this vibrator, the shaft functions are useless when inserted inside of you. It is very quiet and the controls are hard to work. This vibrator overheats very fast.

    This vibrator requires three AAA batteries and they can be quite tricky to install.
    first pop off the back of the vibrator,
    next point the vibrator with the head towards you.
    insert one battery on each side + side up.
    insert one final batter in the center - side up.
    then slip the battery cover back onto the back.
  • Care and Maintenance

    I'll Miss You EF :('s opinion
    This vibrator is made of two materials. The actual vibrator part is made of a soft material, I looked on Hustler's product page and the EdenFantasys page and I can not get of name of what it is. It doesn't smell like jelly but it is soft. All I can find is that is states that it is body safe. I am going to guess that it is some type of silicone. Because I am unsure of what the material is, I can only recommend water based lubricants to extend the life of your toy, also keep it stored separately from any other jelly or silicone toys to avoid melting. The control part is made of hard plastic with light up led lights in the shape of a heart that lights up the whole time you play with it. This vibrator is not waterproof and should only be wiped down with a damp cloth and some antibacterial soap{I recommend the soap you use on your genitals that way you won't break out} or a spritz of toy cleaner. Store dry.
  • Packaging

    I'll Miss You EF :('s opinion
    The unruly rabbit came in a black boxy plastic packaging. It was marked as an intermediate vibrator. It tells you how many calories you burn when doing a "pleasure work out"

    Tickling - 17 cal/hr
    Licking - 28 cal/hr
    Moaning (per moan) - 5 cal/hr
    Clitoral Orgasm - 52 cal/hr
    Vaginal Orgasm - 57 cal/hr
    Screaming - 24 cal/hr
    Using Vibrator - 18 cal/hr
    Orgasm + Vibrator 75 cal/hr
    Unruly Rabbit - 83 cal/hr

    There wasn't the correct directions for inserting the batteries, and I found they were semi-difficult to get in. There wasn't directions for the vibrator either, so it is a little difficult to use.
  • Personal comments

    I'll Miss You EF :('s opinion
    I am so glad that I was given this vibrator via free assignment, I would have been so upset if I had paid for this vibrator. I will not recommend this vibrator, and on top of all of the negative things, it is a LINT MAGNET!
  • Experience

    I'll Miss You EF :('s opinion
    I was so excited for this vibrator, this is my first time owning a rabbit vibrator. I've used another rabbit vibrator though, the Hyper Bunny. I was so very disappointed when I compared these two. It took seconds to orgasm with the hyper bunny, and over an hour with the unruly rabbit. Not to mention after ten minutes of play, the unruly rabbit got REALLY hot in my hand, and not in the good way. Save your money and invest in a different rabbit vibrator.
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