Urban Tantra – a great book on sacred sex for the new century

Urban Tantra Book by Celestial Arts
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To those that think sexual and spiritual enlightenment "can't be found in today's fast-paced world" author Barbara Carrellas offers you Urban Tantra. If "ecstasy is where you find it," then this book is the best manual for sacred sex in the 21st century. Acclaimed sex educator Carrellas offers a juicy mix of erotic how-to and pleasure-centered spiritual wisdom that radically updates the ancient practice of Tantra for modern sexual explorers who are willing to push past their own edges in search of a greater unity with the cosmos through orgasmic pleasure. With more than 100 easy-to-follow techniques for expanded orgasmic states during both solo and partner play (as well as other scenarios), this delicious guide provides in-depth discussion about worlds of ecstasy that are available to everyone. Subjects include The Erotic Awakening Massage, Breath and Energy Orgasms, 20-Minute Tantra, Evolutionary Self-loving, Sex and Healing, and Tantric BDSM. No matter your gender, sexual preference or erotic tastes this book will expand your ideas about pleasure and "open you up to new heights of intimacy and fulfillment."

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    Barbara Carrellas
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    Celestial Arts
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    2007 year
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    • So Very sad that this was discontinued, this was exactly what I was looking for!
    • Wahhh, I wish this was still available. :(
    • :)
    • sounds like an interesting read
    • Will definitely be adding this to my list of must haves. It looks to be an interesting read from the good reviews.
    • want this!
    • Sounds interesting.
    • I love this book!
    • Liz
      I absolutely love this book. I have quite a collection of sex reference books, but this is easily one of my favorites.
    • Tiny
      This is simply the best book on sexuality that I've ever read. Carrellas provides an integrated approach to Tantra that is hot, holistic, and accessible for people of all genders and orientations. This is *the* book to get if you're interested in learning about and incorporating Tantric techniques into your sex life!
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