Feelztoys Tonguer - Tongue vibrator from Feelztoys

Tonguer Tongue vibrator by Feelztoys
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Product summary and comments by zwee75


A great idea in theory that turned into a failure in practice. The Tonguer was uncomfortable on me, and made me feel like I was gagging. For my husband, it kept slipping off his tongue.

Best use:

"Turn your tongue into a vibrator", as stated on the packing for The Tonguer by Feelztoys. They are a set of 2 vibrators that are designed to go around your tongue and add some additional pleasure when performing oral sex on your partner. It's designed for couples, in the standard blue for him and pink for her.

Catalog ID: FTE21314

UPC: 8717903270165

  • Material / Texture

    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
    zwee75's opinion
    The Tonguer vibrators are made of super safe and super-smooth 100% Platinum Silicone. It's one of the safest toy materials out there, and could be used by either advanced users or beginners. They are soft to the touch and have a slightly raised heart (Feelztoys logo) on the top of the vibrator.

    There is no odor to the vibrators.
  • Design / Shape / Size

    Blue / Pink
    1 1/2"
    The set includes:
    • Two tongue vibrators for him and her.
    0.1 lb
    zwee75's opinion
    Beneath the raised Feelztoys logo is the tongue band, almost at the center of the vibrator. The tip that gives your part extra pleasure has a 1/4" round ball (think like a tongue piercing). Opposite that, a small bump will touch the wearer's tongue.

    The width of the vibrator is 1/2" and it is 1-1/2" long. While small, this toy is designed to go in your mouth. It's a whole new ballgame in that respect, and for that use, it was a bit large.

    Unstretched, the band is 1-1/4" wide, and fits nicely around 2 fingers. When I stretched it out with 2 fingers, I got it to 2" wide (using a bit of finger strength). The band is smooth and liable to slip when worn on the tongue (as designed). If the band had some texture on the inside, it may have helped keep it on.

    It's very travel friendly.
  • Functions / Performance / Controls

    Special Features:
    • Batteries included
    Control type:
    Push button
    Powered By:
    2 watch batteries
    zwee75's opinion
    One end of the vibrators have the power button (on/off). The button can sometimes be hard to push all the way and have it stay, but otherwise, it's very easy to operate. Either on or off, nothing fancy. You need to turn it on before you put it on your tongue.

    The other end is where you take the actual vibrator out of the silicone casing. Each vibrator using 2 micro batteries (per box). They come already in the vibrators, plus an additional 8 replacement batteries. This leads me to believe that the vibrators eat through batteries. Personally, I will probably not see that happen with these vibrators!

    The vibrations are a steady hum, not overly strong but since it's designed to go in your mouth, you really wouldn't want it to be strong anyway. It's also pretty quiet. My iPhone vibrates stronger than these little guys.

    The packaging makes no reference to them being waterproof; the silicone does not 100% cover the toy. Plus, if you submerge them, you will also be submerging your face, and then you may drown. So don't try that.
  • Care and Maintenance

    Care and cleaning:
    Soap and water
    zwee75's opinion
    The vibrators are easy to clean with soap and water, or toy cleaner. Be sure to wash around the little ball at the end, and avoid the battery area. You can also remove the silicone casing and boil it for a thorough clean.

    They can be stored in the original box (though they won't be very easy to get in/out repeatedly) or separately in toy bags. If needed, use water based lubricants.
  • Packaging

    zwee75's opinion
    The Tonguer vibrators came in a neat pink box. I took pictures at 2 angles so you could really see the shape of the box. There is a cutout on the front and the back, so you can see the product from both sides. The back has instructions on how to open the compartment for battery replacement. And the sides have minimal information in 8 languages "Small vibrator to wear around the tongue. Turn your tongue into a vibrator." Plus battery info.

    The products are held in place with clear plastic, and extra batteries were stored in the bottom of the box. Nothing else was included.

  • Experience

    zwee75's opinion
    I loved the idea of this toy. Added stimulation for oral sex, absolutely! But in reality, it just didn't work.

    When I used it on my husband, I nearly gagged on it. My husband always says that I don't have a very large mouth (try and try, I cannot get an entire Tostito chip in my mouth). But when you put something that's 1/2" thick ON your tongue and then try to put a penis in there too? Not happening. I tried to use it to just lick his shaft but even then, I had to stick my tongue out so far for it to really work that it was completely uncomfortable.

    When he used it on me (he's got a bigger mouth, no Tostito issues there), it kept slipping off. He would get going a little bit and it would slip off, over and over again. He said that the vibrations reminded him of getting a teeth cleaning.

    But all is not lost, they do act like a decent vibe if you put the band around 2 fingers.
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