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Iconic duckie

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The Jimmyjane Iconic Duckie is absolutely adorable. From his gray, painted on face, to his feathered tail, he makes you just want to pinch his cheeks. He's designed perfectly to hide right out in the open in your bathroom. He's got a decent motor, is a little on the loud side, (but not too loud). and is great for anyone regardless of experience level.


Adorable, small, discreet, waterproof.


Not the most ergonomic toy in the world, a little loud.

Best use:

The main purpose of all of these ducks from where I sit is to be adorable, and Jimmyjane's Iconic Duckie is no different. His coloring reminds me of old black and white television, and Mom baking in the kitchen. If I had more space in my apartment, I'd collect these all of these cuties and fill a shelf with them somewhere. Alas, my apartment is too minuscule, so the collection is on hold.

With contact points in the head and tail, the Iconic Duckie can be used for simultaneous clitoral and labia stimulation. You can use it to tease and tantalize yourself, or your partner, all over each others bodies; nipples, necks, and elbows and the backs of knees and...

Beginners will love him for how tiny and discreet he is, ut everyone will appreciate how adorable he is.
  • Material / Texture:

    He's made of (what we're calling) white PVC (Maybe I do have trouble with colors... since he looks gray to me) and has a gray painted on face. He's free of phthalates. He's hard and unforgiving, but very light. His surface, while slick and smooth, has a slightly rough texture to it. He smells and feels sort of like a child's bath toy. Who am I kidding? He looks like one, too.

    I also own the Santa Duckie. I noticed the texture of his surface is a little smoother than the Iconic Duckie's, which I thought was weird since they're made of the same material.

    Material safety
    Bulged / Smooth
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    The Iconic Duckie is three inches long and two inches wide, which makes him the perfect size to toss in your overnight bag. He's shaped like a duck and has a beak, wings, tail and even feathers... sort of.

    Sit the Iconic Duckie in the corner of your bathtub and most guests will assume he's some posh new decoration... unless they've seen the I Rub My Duckie line from Big Teaze Toys and even then they might assume you bought him for the novelty.

    Flip him upside down to find the battery compartment. You'll need a coin, spoon, flat head screwdriver... or something flat to open it. Turn it so the arrows match and it should pop right up. Put a AAA battery inside with the positive side facing you, push the cap back in and turn it the opposite direction and you're good to go.

    0.3 lb
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    The Iconic Duckie has one speed and is controlled by a turn dial on the bottom. He's pretty strong and extremely loud. Especially if you hold him around the middle, which is where my hand tends to fall.

    He has two points of contact: one in his head, and one in his tail. The one in the tail is strongest, but the one in the head doesn't fall far behind. Depending on your anatomy, you might be able to insert his head while stimulating your clit. But if not, almost anyone can simultaneously stimulate their labia and clitoris with this little guy.

    He's waterproof, which is awesome. A non-waterproof rubber duckie would just be weird. And he doesn't really seem to drain batteries too awfully quickly, which is always a plus.

    Special Features:
    • Batteries included
    • Travel
    • Waterproof
    Control type:
    Power switch
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Wash this duck with antibacterial soap and water, or use a toy cleaner. You can use water or silicone based lube. You should use a condom when sharing. Store him in the pretty box he comes in, on the corner of your tub, on a shelf in your living room with your other I Rub My Duckies, or in a drawer in the bedroom.

  • Packaging:

    So you know those boxes that have those little tabs that slide into those even smaller slots? And then they have the ginormous flaps on the other sides that have to fit inside just so? The Iconic Duckie came in a white and black one that is slightly less annoying than the least annoying version of those boxes. Printed on the outside and the inside are directions and descriptions of the toy.

    Inside, you'll find the duckie nestled comfortably inside clear molded plastic and bright red cardboard. Behind him is his battery.

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