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Wrist to finger

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The Wrist to Finger is a versatile toy, particularly good for partner play or use during intercourse, that turns your chosen finger into the vibrator. It's great for a feeling of closeness, of skin on skin with no foreign materials to minimize the sensation of touch. Vibrations travel well and are fairly strong, high and buzzy. Excellent for clitoral, nipple or overall general stimulation anywhere you can imagine, anywhere you can touch.


Quiet, small, discreet, unique sensation, vibrations travel well, great partner toy.


Velcro straps are slightly itchy, difficult to clean.

Best use:

The Wrist to Finger by PHS International provides some of the most unique vibration I have ever felt. Because vibrations travel through your finger you can stimulate any area of the body you desire; nipples, nose, clit, anything you touch is going to feel the high, buzzy vibrations as well as the warm, soft sensation of skin on skin.

This finger massager is a two piece unit, connected by a short wire. The controls are located on the wrist piece, which straps around your wrist via a blue, elastic and velcro strap. The vibrator itself is a tiny, one inch bullet that straps around any finger you desire, causing the finger itself to become the vibrator -- though you can certainly use the vibrator itself against the skin if you want stronger vibrations.
  • Material / Texture:

    This finger massager is primarily plastic with stretchy, elastic and velcro straps to attach it to wrist and finger. The plastic is smooth and firm, comfortable to the body even if you use the finger attachment directly on the skin. The elastic and velcro straps, however, are a bit itchy if you have sensitive skin.

    The toy I received is from the Fresh line so it's pink and white plastic with baby blue straps.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    The design of the Wrist to Finger makes it a very versatile toy. Because the vibrations travel from the finger attachment through your finger, making your finger the vibrator, it's very easy to use during intercourse without ever getting in the way. It also makes it simple to tug and pull and rub at your various bits without losing your grip on a toy, no matter how much lube you've used. Using it for clitoral stimulation along with a dildo or another vibrator for penetration couldn't be easier.

    Basically, it's hands free. It's as easy as manual stimulation -- with the added twist of vibration!

    The wrist and finger straps are a decent size that should work for just about anyone. Because they're velcro, they're adjustable with a total length of around 8 inches for the wrist strap. The wrist strap easily fit both Taylor's wrist and mine, the finger strap fits around any of my fingers. Both are fairly comfortable.

    This toy could easily be taken along for travel as it has a dedicated on/off switch and comes with a small (3x5) velour-like drawstring pouch.

    1 1/2"
    0.3 lb
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    The Wrist to Finger massager is controlled by two (included) AAA batteries that insert behind a slide off battery cover on the back of the wrist attachment. Vibrations are controlled by first sliding the white on/off button to the on position then turning the dial from low to high - or anywhere in between. The dial turns easily and gives a lot of variety in the level of vibration.

    Vibrations are very strong if you use the finger attachment directly against the skin, a bit more diffuse and less strong through a finger. They're a high pitched, very buzzy type vibration that is felt very much at the surface rather than deep; which makes sense, since vibrations are traveling along your skin.

    The Wrist to Finger is exceptionally quiet; barely louder than a cell phone set to vibrate.

    Special Features:
    • Batteries included
    Control type:
    Control pack
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    The PHS International finger massager is not waterproof so care should be taken when cleaning it. I would recommend not getting the wrist piece/controller wet but, rather, wipe it down with a damp cloth or toy cleaning wipe if it gets soiled. The finger vibe can be taken care of the same way - toy cleaning wipes or a wash with a soapy, wet cloth to avoid getting running water into the attachment point.

    The velcro and elastic straps are not removable so, again, a wipe with a damp washcloth is about all you can do.

    Because of this, I do NOT recommend sharing this toy. Even though vibrations are felt thru the finger and not the toy itself if you use it as intended, it's quite easy to get lube or bodily fluids on the toy and straps. You could fairly easily cover the finger piece -- and finger -- with a condom for sharing, however, so be smart if you plan to share.

    Any type lube can be used with plastic but, again, use caution due to cleaning restrictions. Oil or silicone may be more difficult to remove when cleaning.

  • Packaging:

    The Wrist to Finger came in a small, clear, plastic, clamshell type package similar to that you get electronic toys in, backed by a pink and blue cardboard insert. Only one small image of a sexy woman adorns the front, otherwise it's fairly benign. The back of the insert shows a picture of the toy and how it should be worn.

    Inside the package the Wrist to Finger fits snugly in it's plastic insert along with the soft, velour type material drawstring bag.

  • Personal comments:

    At first, I really did not like this toy at all. The vibrations are very high pitched, very buzzy, very at the surface and using it made my whole hand feel numb. I'm particularly sensitive to that type of vibration; it itches and irks me and makes me want to keep shaking my hand. Vibrations didn't seem to travel down my finger well, either, because I was so focused on how horrible it felt.

    My second attempt with it, however, changed my mind. Taylor put it on his wrist and finger and without the distraction of feeling the vibrations traveling down my OWN finger, it felt damned good. Not too strong, a little buzzy and very, very interesting along with the texture of skin.

    Vibrating skin is simply very, very unique.

    This is definitely a phenomenal partner toy, turning routine touching into something different and fun.

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