NMC Ltd 6" vagina tickler - G-spot vibrator from NMC Ltd

6" vagina tickler G-spot vibrator by NMC Ltd
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Product summary and comments by RainbowDreams


This has been one of the best toys I have received in a while. Not only is it easy to use, but it is versatile and convenient. Great job, NMC LTD!

Best use:

Catalog ID: NMCFPBD096

UPC: 4892503123708

  • Material / Texture

    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
    RainbowDreams's opinion
    The material was 100% silicone, so it has almost no smell right out of the package. There is no smell that I have noticed since washing it the first time. There is a raised design on the side that looks like hearts on a vine, which gives the toy a bit of grip while using it.


    There hasn't been a noticeable taste at all.
  • Design / Shape / Size

    6 3/4"
    Insertable length:
    6 1/4"
    4 3/4"
    1 1/4"
    0.5 lb
    RainbowDreams's opinion
    The design on the side is a little feminine, but it doesn't really bother me too much. The shape, on the other hand, is very efficient for g-spot stimulation! The base is a suction cup that makes it great for sticking to the wall, but it doesn't seem to stick if you get a bit rough. The packaging is clear that it is 6"/15 cm (insertable length), but the site says it is 6 1/4". It seems pretty basic (average) for beginners, at just about 4" girth. It keeps well in the toy drawer, but the button is easy to hit so I take the batteries out.
  • Functions / Performance / Controls

    Escalating / Pulsating / Rollercoaster / Vibrating
    Control type:
    Control pack
    Powered By:
    RainbowDreams's opinion
    The toy has a multi-function vibrator. It has a single push button that isn't super efficient, but is easy to operate at the least. The toy seemed a little noisy at first, but after having someone else hold it and walking to the other side of the door, it didn't have any noise at all -- even on the highest vibrations setting. The toy says it is waterproof, but it also says not for use in shower or while bathing. I haven't used it in the shower or anything yet, because of the confusion.
  • Care and Maintenance

    Care and cleaning:
    Dishwasher safe / Soap and water
    RainbowDreams's opinion
    The toy is silicone, so just soap and water will clean it. It is also dishwasher safe, heat stable and chemical resistant, so it can be washed in just about anyway possible. I just throw it in my "toy drawer" for storage. It seems to be perfectly compatible with water-based lube, as well as with oil based lubricant, and condoms.
  • Packaging

    RainbowDreams's opinion
    The toy was packaged in a plastic case with a plastic insert holding it. There were instructions on how to insert the batteries, as well as very detailed instructions for washing and use. The packaging is best for recycling.
  • Personal comments

    RainbowDreams's opinion
    After ordering this toy, it has quickly shot to the top of my list as a favorite. I love the fact that it uses AA batteries. I have rechargeable ones around my house that I use for this toy! It has a range of uses, and it has proved to be dependable so far.
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    • nice color
    • like the color
    • Looks like a nice item
    • Beautiful!!!
    • Fun options
    • Pretty colour, but a 'vagina tickler'? *headdesk* terrible name, guys.
    • I love the color of this, it's unique and neon.
    • I like the first two better -- more texture/shape. But this looks good for G-spotting! Love the colors. I'm really happy EF's adding nice toys back.
    • Bright!
    • Cool
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