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8 function sweetheart loving touch

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G-spot vibrator - 8 function sweetheart loving touch - view #1 G-spot vibrator - 8 function sweetheart loving touch - view #2
Intensity level
4 vrooms
Noise level
4 bees


While the Loving Touch seemingly lacked in the g-spot department, it makes up for what it lacks in its powerful and unique vibration patterns. Memory within the unit remembers your favorite pattern so you don't have to go searching.


Memory, vibration patterns, waterproof.


Internal packaging, lack of g-spot stimulation, loud

Best use:

Use the Loving Touch solo, or bring it into the bedroom and allow your partner to give you some extra "loving touches." While I wouldn't say that the loving touch excels in g-spot stimulation, the unique and powerful vibrations make up for what it lacks.

Want to take things to a slightly different level? Try using the Loving Touch on one of its vibrating patterns externally on on your clitoris, or let it wander along your body. Being waterproof, the Loving Touch is a great addition to your bubble bath!
  • Material / Texture:

    The Loving Touch is composed of TPR, which is a somewhat porous material. So, if sharing, do remember to use a condom.

    This is really lacking any amount of noticeable texture. The unit itself is smooth all the way around, and would be a good beginner toy for someone who isn't sure about venturing into the world of ripples and nubs. The tip does have some give to it, but in all reality, I didn't notice it at all.

    Thankfully, this toy was not heavily scented, and could only be detected when placed under my nose.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    The disappointment for me here was the size of the toy, while still effective, I've become accustomed to toys with a larger girth.

    The Loving Touch measures 8 3/4" by 3 3/4".

    Because of it's size and minimal shaping, I would place this more on the beginner end of the spectrum. The tip is more of a small bulb than the typical g-spot curve, so this may or may not be good for stimulating your own g-spot. (I think mine's still hiding from me!)

    There is also a hole at the base of the toy, at the handle. I can just envision someone putting a rope on it and keeping it hung in the shower. Vibe on a rope anyone!?

    Unfortunately, this is not a discreet toy, so I wouldn't recommend leaving it out in the open, or traveling with it. Unless of course you don't mind the added attention that it would draw.

    8 3/4"
    Insertable length:
    4 3/4"
    3 3/4"
    1 1/8"
    5.5 oz
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    The Loving Touch is controlled by two heart-shaped buttons at the base. The top button is the on/off switch, and the other shifts through the vibration patterns. The Loving Touch has built in memory, so when you turn it off, it will remain on the pattern you selected previously.

    The loving touch offers several vibration patterns ranging from a slow ascending pattern to patterns that are quick/slow pulsating. With 8 choices, there will certainly be one to tickle your most sensitive areas! The downfall to the powerful patterns is that this is not a very quiet toy, so keep that in mind if you have roommates, children, living with parents, etc.

    Escalating / Pulsating / Vibrating
    Special Features:
    • Multifunction
    • Multispeed
    • Waterproof
    Control type:
    Built in control pad
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    It's recommended that the Loving Touch be cleaned up with warm water and a mild soap if you're unable to get ahold of a toy cleaner. I used a cleaning wipe, and because of the material, it didn't glide very well over the vibrator.

    Because of its material, it does tend to attract lint/hair, so it's a good idea to keep this one wrapped up in some cloth for protection.

    If lube is a requirement for you, look for silicone- or water-based formulas.

  • Packaging:

    Buyer beware!

    This is the first time I have encountered this issue. The Loving Touch came in a very simple clear plastic mold, which was very easy to open, and, unlike others, I did not need scissors to open the packaging.

    Inside the unit the manufacturer has placed not only a piece of instructional paper, but a thin plastic tube.

    The paper came out fine, but I didn't notice the plastic until the batteries wouldn't go in. At that point the battery was stuck, and I had to fling the vibrator to get the battery to fly out. After that it took almost half an hour with tweezers to remove this plastic sleeve. In the end I had to insert my pinky (which barely fit) and twisted it around to get the remaining plastic out.

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