California Exotic Dr. Laura Berman Hera - G-spot vibrator from California Exotic

Dr. Laura Berman Hera G-spot vibrator by
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  • Dr. Laura Berman Hera - G-spot vibrator
  • Dr. Laura Berman Hera - G-spot vibrator
  • Dr. Laura Berman Hera - G-spot vibrator
  • Dr. Laura Berman Hera - G-spot vibrator
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Product summary and comments by Upskirt


I was really excited when I got my Hera by Cal Exotics and was quite impressed by the packaging she came in. But she came with weird residue on her and a weird smell that stayed on after being washed. Then I felt her squishy tip and knew she wouldn't press against my G-spot hard enough. I turned her on to check out her LOUD, buzzy vibrations and knew this toy would never win my heart.

Best use:

Catalog ID: SE971520

UPC: 716770061362

  • Material / Texture

    Plastic / TPR
    Smooth / Swirled
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
    Upskirt's opinion
    When I first looked at Hera in her packaging, I was concerned. It looked like there were black spots or, like, cardboard dusting on the outside of the toy. (You know when you first open a puzzle and there's, like, puzzle dust in the box? It was like that.) After taking Hera out of her packaging, I smelled an overwhelmingly chemical smell. I washed her with antibacterial, scented soap, and it still didn't remove the smell. I was really turned off that the toy still smelled after being washed.

    There's a slight, rippled texture to the outside. It's not something I can feel while it's inside. It is definitely something most people could handle and is a great toy for beginners since it's not overly textured.
  • Design / Shape / Size

    6 1/4"
    Insertable length:
    5 1/4"
    3 1/4"
    2.5 oz
    Upskirt's opinion
    I can't say I'm a fan of the design. The tip is too squishy to do much for my G-spot. It does work okay for pinpointing vibrations, but they're buzzy vibrations, which don't do much for me.

    Insertable length: 5 1/4"
    Circumference: 3 1/4"
    Diameter: 1"

    This toy isn't very big to me, girth-wise. I like toys that are a little larger, so I wish it were a little bit thicker. But since it is compact, it's great for beginners, easy to hide, and great for travel.
  • Functions / Performance / Controls

    Escalating / Pulsating / Vibrating
    Special Features:
    • Waterproof
    Control type:
    Push button
    Powered By:
    Upskirt's opinion
    The vibrator has a very easy-to-push button located at the bottom; it has five functions. The first function cycles through all the functions for two to three seconds, the second function is long pulses, the third is medium pulses, the fourth is short pulses, and the fifth function is straight vibration. Push the button a sixth time, and the vibrator turns off. I'm not really into pulsing, so I like the straight vibrations the most. The vibrations seem to be more in the tip of the vibrator but can be felt throughout the toy. The vibrations are buzzy, not rumbly, and the toy is really loud—louder than any other vibrator I currently have. It seems to hold up pretty well in water, but I've only used it once in the shower, so I'll have to provide some updates on that in my follow up!
  • Care and Maintenance

    Upskirt's opinion
    Hera is made out of TPR, which is more porous than silicone and cannot be disinfected. If you're going to use this between partners or orifices, use a condom! TPR cannot be boiled to sterilize it, but soap and water should work just fine. Don't store it with other TPR or silicone toys, because they may want to be really good friends (and by really good friends, I mean melt into each other). I recommend using water-based lube, but if you're a die-hard silicone-lube fan, do a patch test and make sure it won't ruin your new friend. Store in a dark, cool place where it is not touching other TPR or silicone toys.
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