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Pleasure bendie ripple G

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G-spot vibrator - Pleasure bendie ripple G - view #1 G-spot vibrator - Pleasure bendie ripple G - view #2 G-spot vibrator - Pleasure bendie ripple G - view #3
Intensity level
4 vrooms
Noise level
2 bees


Turn off the lights, light a candle, steam up the shower and take a plunge. This vibrator is fairly quiet, yet quite powerful and even if you are worried, add some music, flip on a fan and rumble away. This G-Spot vibrator is not for the faint of heart and certainly not for the untrained hole. If you are ready for the challenge and the price is right, this might just be a number one in your toy box.


Powerful, Flexible, Waterproof, Multifunction, Large, Fairly Quiet


Not for all users because of the size
  • Material / Texture:

    THE PRODUCT: Overall, PB-Ripple G is made up of silicone (the shaft) and plastic (the control pad), earning it a safety rating of 10. Its Cal Exotics Counterpart is also a 10, Pleasure Bendie Ridged G, as the insertable portion is pure silicone. The other bendie in this bunch 10 Function Pleasure Bendie has a safety rating of 7 due to it being plastic and TPR. According to the packaging, the shaft is made of silicone and the buttons and plating are made of ABS plastic.

    According to Eden's product material descriptions, silicone is a semi-organic polymer, man-made material known for wide-ranging stability and water repellence. Due to this, it is waterproof! It also retains heat well, does not attract much bacteria, and does not fall apart under wear and tear type use. Like silicone, plastic is also non-porous and smooth. Finally, this toy is made of food-grade material and is hypo-allergenic, latex free, and phthalates free.

    1. The Senses
    PB-Ripple G had no distinct smell when I removed it from the packaging. When I put my nose right up to it it smelled faintly like silicone, but there was no overwhelming good or bad smell to it.

    When I licked PB-Ripple G (after cleaning) it has no distinct taste, which is awesome if you like to insert some fun into your play and your partner wants you to lick their or your juices off the toy. Also because it is on the larger side, you could also do some teasing play licking it or sucking on it to arouse your partner or whatever you like best in the bedroom, kitchen etc! The lack of taste to this provides for some extra fun.

    So PB-Ripple G has ripples or what I would call finely pronounced ridges on it. The silicone itself is smooth when you run your fingers over it, except for where you encounter the ripples which are a smooth up and down when you move your fingers over it. They do not jut out sharply or feel rough, and so this might be comforting to those intimidated by the size of the toy (more on that later).

    Specific Texture Commentary
    When touching this toy the texture seems appropriate for intermediate to advanced users. It is not that a beginning user would not like the texture, but I experienced a terrible drag against my inner labia. It made insertion difficult even with a bucket of my water based lubricant on it and I was disappointed about this. It is not a smooth entry in at all. The ripples do not add much in the way of extra stimulation unless you are thrusting in and out.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    PB-Ripple G is an impressively designed g-spot dildo. It bends both backward and forward (you can actually fold it completely in half, but I didn't photograph this) and this bending is meant to accommodate different body types since as we all know, one wo/mans trash is a another wo/mans treasure when the toy is rigid and one particular shape.
    Bent Back
    Bent Back
    Bent Forward
    Bent Forward
    As mentioned it is made of plastic and silicone, which helps to facilitate the bend as well as move closer to a material type you would want to have in your collection. Unfortunately, I missed the velvety and less resilient feel of some of my other silicone toys and this design with such a large toy created some drag. I am of the opinion it would still have a bit of drag regardless of the size.

    So PB-Ripple G is huge. It is definitely for more advanced users who like toys with EXtreme girth. My largest dildo is 5 inches in circumference, but it is glass and slips right in for some fun. I actually had trouble with this one and was first a bit disappointed that I could barely get it to the halfway mark. For those who like a fight and to really feel like something is there, this toy is a perfect fit. Hopefully in two months time I will have conquered this, or perhaps I might be singing a different tune.

    At a whopping 9" inches in length, this toy is not easy to hide It is not discreet and it is not the most suitable for travel due to its overall length as well as girth measurements. It is also a little on the heavy side even with batteries out of it. It is not difficult to manipulate nor did I feel fatigue in my hand after use, but it is not a light toy. It measures 6" in circumference at the largest part of the head and about 4.5 inches at the smallest part of shaft, which is also where the toy bends (see photo)

    Length: 9"
    Insertable length: 6 1/2"
    Circumference: 6"
    Diameter: 1 3/4"
    Weight: 8.25 oz

    Insertable length:
    6 1/2"
    1 3/4"
    8.25 oz
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    PB-Ripple G has 10 amazing functions. It has escalating, pulsating and surging vibrations. On the instructions page that was folded up ever so carefully at the bottom it details those vibrations as "Dynamic Rhythms!" The vibrations are localized in the the upper middle of the shaft to the head, where it becomes noticeably heavier when you hold it. This made it perfect for providing stimulation to my clitoris before going in for the plunge.

    The first 3 are classic steady vibrations
    1. Vibrate (high)
    2. Vibrate (medium)
    3. Vibrate (low)

    The next 2 can best be described as escalating
    4. Gradient Burst (goes from low to high in a stepwise fashion)
    5. Intermittent (goes from low to high over and over in evenly spaced repetitions)

    The next 3 are surging vibrations
    6. Surge (surges at the beginning and end to give a feel of two surges occurring close together in time)
    7. Inta Surge (surges in the middle to give a feel of longer groupings of vibrations before surges)
    8. Even Step (surges at the beginning and middle to give you a perception of evenly distributed surges)

    These last two can be described as pulsating
    9. Roller Coaster Spurt (pulsations close together with one large spurt at the end)
    10. Pulsate (pulsations further apart and evenly spaced)

    Function Commentary
    Of these functions I found the steady vibrating functions to be best for warming up a bit and clitoral stimulation. The steady vibrations were also good for nipple stimulation with my partner and for a nice lower back massage on the highest setting. I found the escalating and surging vibrations to be the best for internal stimulation and I have to say, this is the first toy I've used where I have been able to orgasm with it inside of me. The vibrations were just the right kind of rumbly, powerful, but not-too-extreme vibrations I needed to get off. I was so amazed and happy with this. Finally, I found the pulsating vibrations to be the most useless and somewhat annoying. Other people might feel differently, but it does not do much for me. It is too differential to be enjoyable. I will say that I noticed that when I turned this off and turned it back on, it started back at the same setting, so there must be a memory chip inside. I still have yet to find indication of this anywhere on the packaging.

    As you can see in the picture below, the controls are fairly simple. There is the on button indicated by a rhythm zig-zag and below it is the off button. They are both push button controls. You use the on button to cycle through the various vibrations, and the off button to easily turn it off if need be. The toy is powered by 3-AAA batteries and I used rechargeable batteries with this toy. On a full charge these batteries lasted me for about 4 days with 20 to 30 minute sessions. So the toy to me does not seem to be a battery guzzler, however, this might be specific to what kind of vibrations I chose to use. I do remove my batteries when I am finished, which helps preserve the life and it is no hassle to take off.

    This toy is not particularly noisy. I would not say that it was quiet in my hands, but when I first received it I put it on its highest as well as most pulsating setting and walked around to see where I could hear it. I could not hear it in my roommates room, which is right next to mine and I could not hear it standing right outside of my door. If you want to put music on to feel safe, you can, but it is not absolutely necessary. The only time I could hear it in another room was when I put it directly on the bed. I had performed my original sound test with the toy on top of blankets. The vibrations of the toy did move through my wooden bed, making it easier to hear in another rooms. So it stands to reason that no one is hearing it once it is inside you!

    As mentioned, this toy is waterproof and you can see in the picture below that along the battery compartment is an o ring to help make sure this toy is sealed. I did not fully submerge the toy, but I did take it into the shower with me. At first I was concerned if water would make its way in via the push buttons but I had no problems for shower fun or for cleaning. I was able to wash the entire thing without issues. (I do intend to try bubble bath play for my follow-up. I am afraid, but I will do it!).
    Controls 2

    Escalating / Multispeed / Pulsating / Vibrating
    Special Features:
    • Premium
    • Waterproof
    Control type:
    Built in control pad
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Due to the fact that this has some plastic material, I would not boil it. I would be wary that I might ruin the natural bending of the toy. Although it is waterproof and says it is dishwasher safe, I also would not care for it this way, especially as a toy on the pricier side.

    My best recommendation is hot water and soap, a toy cleaner (spray or wipes). I usually clean all my toys with a toy cleaner called "come clean" and I let the toy sit for about a minute with the solution before washing. I have had no residue left after this and so far, no difficulties with the ripples on the the Bendie. If you are concerned, you can use a q-tip or toothbrush to clean the ripples. To the eye the ripples appear to be a problem, but they are seamlessly blended into the body of the toy that you would not have to worry about cleaning under or in between anything. I don't find maintenance to be a hassle, but I would be lying if I said it was as easy to maintain as my glass toys.

    Store in a cool dry place, away from other silicone toys or in a baggie (not provided with this toy) and only use water-based lubricant (due to the silicone). Depending on your storage capacities, you may have a bit of trouble, because as detailed in the size of this toy, it is not the easiest to find a place for. You can definitely knock someone out with this. Also, I have noticed that it does collect a bit of dust, so make sure to wash before and after every use.

    Care and cleaning:
    Dishwasher safe / Soap and water
  • Packaging:

    Those of you familiar with Cal Exotics products, probably have realized that they have a distinct packaging style. A plastic box, with the toy inside a plastic encasement molded to the design of the toy with their logo prominently displayed as well as the toy and its functions on the packaging. This is by no means discreet and so if you do intend to give this as a gift, it is one best delivered privately unless none of the surrounding people care. I almost missed the instructions which were on the bottom of the box folded up in a white paper. They were not really instructions on the toy so much as how to put the batteries in, what not to do with batteries, no to recharging non-rechargeable batteries, etc.

    The most instruction about the toy was that it had 10 functions and the instructions were plastered all over the packaging anyway. At the bottom of the box, it does say to make sure to close properly and wash before and after. It also states what parts of the toy are made of what materials.

  • Experience:

    In short, PB-Ripple G is not your everyday G-spot vibrator. I wanted to 100% love it, but due to the drag, I could not. I will say that perhaps other more experienced advanced users may not find this an issue, but even with a huge bit of water based lubricant and my normally excessively wet state, I had trouble with this. Once I got it in, it was in, but it was very resistant to sliding in and out. I did not use this with my partner who seemed intimidated by the size of the toy, and so this might be one that it just for me alone.

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